Your Guide to Writing Content that Can Go Viral

Writing Content that Can Go Viral
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7 Principles of Headline Writing that will Make your Content Viral

Thanks to the shrinking attention span, nowadays people tend to pay very little attention to things. They either go for trusted sources (which are few and far between) or go for something that immediately appeals to them. In a situation like this, more than anything else, a catchy headline could easily be the difference between the content that goes viral and the one that doesn’t get any attention at all. Read the 7 principles of headline writing mentioned in this article, and then see if whatever headlines that catch your attention follow them or not. In most of the cases, you would find that they did follow these principles.

Meaningful content isn’t enough

In today’s day and age, creating meaningful content isn’t the only way of reaching out to millions of readers. While the content is the king, the headline is the crown. The modern-day reader lives a fast-paced life. He/she doesn’t have the time to browse halfway through your article, only to realize that this article is best/worst suited to him/her. Even if you want to grab your readers’ attention to your words, you must cast the net right at the beginning. Writing a catchy headline is a sure shot way to hook your readers right at the start! If you are looking for simple but effective tips for writing catchy and clickable headlines, you have come to the right place.

7 Definitive Principles of Headline Writing

1. Beat your writer’s block first:

Beat your writer's block first

Most of us get stuck in the rut when it comes to choosing a perfect title for an amazing article. The worst writers’ block hits us as we sit in front our blank digital screens, looking for words to begin with. If this is an obstacle for you, fret not! The first of all the principles of headline writing is to start with the rough draft of a title. Working titles guide you to be specific about the content ahead.

For instance, if you are writing about psychology and language, you can use working titles such as: “People suffering from depression use language differently”, “How a person’s personality affects the language used by him/her?”, or “How language differs in people with varied psychological disorders?” and so on. These aren’t the perfect titles. But once you arrive at working titles, you can go ahead with your content effortlessly.

2. Make it accurate:

Clicking the mouse

The next crucial step in creating a catchy title is to ensure that what you create is also accurate. While an exaggerated, melodramatic title might grab your reader’s eyeballs, it doesn’t always work in the long run. Make sure that your title is in sync with your content. For instance, if your content is about 10 sustainable architectural designs in India, the title should encompass all of that. Be specific, simple, and clear. Don’t create just clickbait titles. Create interesting, clickable titles.

4. Appeal to the interest of the reader:

Well, just because you aim at accuracy in your titles, doesn’t mean that you have to ditch away the glam and glitter altogether. All of this depends upon the way you understand your target audience. If your target audience is teenagers, let your words be casual and fun. If your target audience is someone in the professional walk of life, ensure that your words are professional too. Use alliteration, strong, bold language, visual appeal and so on. Your headlines will automatically appear interesting if the right audience will relate to it.

5. Keep it short and simple:


No, there is no formula for the length of your headline. It is all hinged upon your platform and your end goals. To increase your SEO rankings, aim at keeping your headline under 70 characters. You wouldn’t want your title to get cut off in the search engine results, right? For best results, keep your headline between 8-12 or 12-14 words in length. When it comes to creating catchy and clickable headlines, lesser is better.

6. Search Engine Optimization is your best friend:


Optimize your headline for your readers. Use keyword tools to understand current search trends. Once you know what your audience is digging for, it will be easier for you to create catchy headlines. When you are relying on Google to get you your audience then this should be one of the most important principles of headline writing for you. The thumb rule is to try and incorporate highly searched keywords in your headline. So, the keywords are there. The headline is short and sweet. It is all optimized for your audience. Now, you are good to go!

7. Use a unique rationale:

web traffic

A good catchy and clickable headline is the one that piques a reader’s interest by appealing to the reader’s logic. It clearly tells the reader why the content ahead should be read. To ensure that your headline appeals to your reader’s mind, follow this: Include tips, tricks, lessons, reasons, ideas, facts and strategies in your headline. Let your headline do most of the talking. Let it bear the weight of the content. Then sit back and watch the results.

Importance of effective writing in online marketing

Importance of effective writing in online marketing

More than 2 billion people use the web for various purposes ranging from purchasing good and services to increasing their knowledge about a topic. The web is also a useful online marketing medium and content plays a very important role in conveying the right message to your audience. Article writing is a challenging task and you need plan your write up properly for effective article writing.

Effective Article Writing

Effective Article Writing

The steps to effective writing include:

  • Create a blueprint for things to be covered in the article and works as an outline. This helps you to plan the write up from beginning to end using the framework you develop.
  • For your article to be effective, it needs to have substantial facts that support the topic you are covering in the article. Proper research is necessary to support the arguments you put forward in your write up.
  • Always try to use the deductive form while you write an article. Readers tend to read the first few paragraphs and then roughly go through the rest article. Thus, it is important to main points of the article in top paragraphs.
  • After you complete writing, it is essential to proofread so that all the spelling or grammatical errors can be traced and rectified before it is published.
  • Articles play a major role in ranking a website in search engines and thus you need to make sure that your write up follows the SE guidelines. Accordingly, the article should be unique, relevant, error free and with proper use of keywords that the article is focusing on.

Source your content

search online in Google

You can do proper sourcing for content about the topics you are going to write about in various ways. To begin with, you are search online in Google or Yahoo about the topic and you will get a huge list of sites with information about the topic. You can also visit various blogs and article directories with articles on the same topic.

Writing for Online Marketing


To write useful and informative marketing publications, you should do your homework and research on sales data, performance metrics as well as industry data. Understand what customers want by visiting different discussion groups and develop your work keeping in mind what you want customers to do like click a link or call your business. The focus should be customer’s benefit and for that, your write up should have testimonials, authentic messages and key points, which will make the article interesting to read.

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Future of marketing to revolve around content that calls to action

future of Marketing

Content speaks for products, while relevant marketing do add the face and pace value. With a booming of online sites, sitcoms and paging documents at the e-sites, the culture of impeding the same do certainly remain a setback. Now in order to heal the pain of your customers and readers, things need a modification and configuration in terms of marketing strategies. That is where stands the future to hook upon and drive the maximum possibilities of leveraging your own content at the operating sectors to flourish. Let us make the proposition clear with some of the aspiring elements that need to be drafted while measuring the mettle of marking for any content to come into action.

Figuring Resources for Firing Content Pots

marketing tools

With a corporation size company, it is always easy to have a hub at your bay to cater the business of marketing maximization, but on the same hand, it rings for some hurdle some post at a small organization. With different industry verticals having stories of their own parameters, exercising marketing tools is certainly a new look to gain upon. Again, helping you on the same issues are the seminars and webinars aired on your online plate to derive the required information with couple of memberships and subscriptions panels to broad your templates.

Sharing the shared

shape of blog

Being wrapped under the same shade does not call for a wide range of disturbed materials. With the input of varieties of information and content pertaining to a larger sphere, usage of the modern goodies is supposed to take their part. Posting the same derivation as a mobile consumption is again an innovation to the idea of exploration. It can then take the shape of blogs, forums, videos and articles to enrich others thereby providing a scope for marketing research.

Know the Consumer


Here come the perspectives and the prospects. Well scripting for the desired audience does have their own boundaries to work upon. Choosing the relevant content and framing a newbie in terms of relating those theories to the concerned souls sitting on the opposite hand is utmost important and crucial at times. Figuring out the yesteryears pain areas and working on the same can curtail the work efforts and in the turn seem to be quite accountable for the yet to known issues. Interaction with customers about the previous terminologies and considering their knowhow on the chapters posted in websites captivate the resting proposition for marketing.

Formatting the formats

Formatting the formats

There are always scopes and dimensions for a particular company (large, mid-size or small) in terms of having their own formats. In the recent trends it can be quite useful and resulting if those terms do undergo a definite change in the sense of formatting.  Visuals deliberately can determine the thoughts and can be proved as a precious cost effective marketing tool for the endeavors to thrive upon and lend the cultivating stone on the future needs.

Surprising Content Marketing Strategies that work wonders

Content marketing

Content marketing is growing like never before. Thanks to the increase in use of social media, content marketing has started to gain more prominence. Companies use it as a vital tool to market their business. And if you are interested in content and want to be benefited by it then here are some surprisingly simple strategies that will help you out in the process.

Grab attention with the initial paragraphs

writing style

Studies have revealed that the attention span of an average person today is only about 8 seconds. Which means an individual will only have 8 seconds to go through your content to find something interesting, failing to do so he or she will move away.

A great way to grab attention with your content instantly is to follow the inverted pyramid of writing style. In this case, you must provide the most important pieces of information in the first few paragraphs itself. Strategies like adding a small summary just after the headline and before the byline can be a great way to catch the reader’s attention.

Focus on sharing and commenting other articles

sharing and commenting

Many individuals have the general notion that content marketing is all about creating and publishing new blogs, posts or articles. However, the truth is that content marketing is all about making your business visible in the online world. And by commenting on the articles of others and sharing them you are doing the same.

Sharing content is a great way to make people to notice your website. By commenting on local forums and social media sites, you can easily reach your target audience and bring them back to your website via carefully inserted links.

Focus on Visual Content

Thanks to reduced attention spans, the interest in readable content has diminished over the years. It has been taken over by an increase in demand for visual content, which is mostly in the form of pictures and videos. Many companies have in fact started making their content more interesting by presenting it as a short marketing message attached to series of photos or video clips. You can choose to do the same thing and focus on providing quality visual content for your audience. This, as a marketing move, will bring huge benefits to you.

Be very precise


When it comes to content, the more precise your content is, the more readers it will attract.  Being too vague or general in your discussions might drive away the potential traffic. Be accurate and precise in your discussion if you want to attract them. Stick to the topic and back your assumptions with exact numbers. This will help you in gaining the trust of your clients in no time.

Use jargons wisely

sprucing up your content

No one likes to be bombarded with technical jargons while they are reading some content. If you tend to add too much of jargons to your content, you may chase way the potential client. He/she will fail to put across the real intent of the content. On the other hand, adding few jargons might be helpful in sprucing up your content. That’s why, be sure that you make effective use of jargons so that it becomes clear to both authentic readers and experts in the field.

Be Patient

content marketing

One of the most important things to note with content marketing is how it never instantly provides fruitful results. Content marketing takes time to reach the target audience. It will also take some time for you to build a loyal audience. So while other businesses given up on content marketing because they don’t seem to see any immediate results, do the exact opposite and continue with your content marketing. Check for results and start over with new strategies to keep the audience interested. Sticking to your guns till the end. This is the secret of out-marketing your competitors in the long run.


Content marketing is considered as the next best thing in marketing these days. With the increase in the number of users joining social media sites these days, content marketing can easily be considered as one of the best ways to attract clients to your business.

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