Charging higher prices to international patients, how ethical it is? Inconsistency in price transparency in medical tourism is becoming a concern for industry.



In our recent study conducted by very efficient team, we discovered that many healthcare organization charges higher prices to international patients, and practice inconsistency to price transparency. While many price studies are conducted based on general prices for national patients, there is a need of new study, which gives a clear picture.

It is extreme important that Medical tourism providers and facilitators should adhere to standard guidelines and ethical practices to provide the best value and quality, inconsistency and escalated prices will lead to drastic damage for medical tourism industry.

Though there is nothing wrong in charging extra price for the international patients to compensate for addition work performed (only if it is) but such thing should be transparent for a patient. Dual pricing system—offering lower prices to domestic patients and unreasonably higher prices to  international patients will keep medical tourism at bay.

There is a need of better practices and protocols.

I think price transparency is one of the important topic in medical tourism ethics.

Stay tuned, and please feel free to share your views.

Dr Prem Jagyasi