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When ideas are hacked to death


Advertising is often the repetition of creativity. Creativity is dying. Copywriters are being replaced by copycats. Art directors travel through the beaten path, hiding the truth through photoshopped lies. Creative directors become more sarcastic and pathetically funny, devoid of genuine ideas. Great ideas are often sacrificed at the altar of client’s satisfaction.

All the above statements may be unfair. However sometimes, someone may feel so, when he/she sees ideas are repeatedly used in different situations. I don’t think that this ‘beheaded’ concept for, developed by Milc, Siena is really coming out of the usual box. Though this Italian assassination conveys the intended message, the idea is not a fresh one.

Stealing a Quentin Tarantino line, let me add, Violence is one of the most fun things to watch


Advertising Agency: Milc, Siena, Italy

Creative Director: Giampiero Cito

Art Director: Matteo Scheggi

Copywriter: Matteo Spadoni

Photographer: Bruno Bruchi

Strategic planner: Antonio Paolo

Via: Ads of the world


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