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Ways to utilize crowdfunding websites to fund your non-profit business ventures

Face it! Gone are the days when investors used to blindly trust an entrepreneur with money to startup his business venture without expecting anything in return. And while crowdfunding websites would offer you the facilities to start a campaign to raise funds for your business, not many would be interested in investing in a non-profit organization, unless you have a few tricks up your sleeve to attract them. And here are some of those really useful tricks!

Spread the word via Media Coverage and Online Social Networks

Crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter are always in the news for the business ventures that they support. So starting a campaign in one of these websites can get you the coverage you would want to attract investors to your business. These websites would give you the necessary tips to start and maintain your campaign until you collect the necessary amount of funds needed for the business.

And creating a successful campaign can attract plenty of attention to your business venture in the form of media coverage which would want to hear your success story, and supporters who would tell just about every one about investing in your organization. These alone would prompt more users to join your campaign and contribute to your non-profit business. It would also come across as an excellent way to promote your brand name and value in the market.

Keep the supporters engaged

Crowdfunding allows several investors to contribute towards your business venture. These investors are actually your supporters who share your goals and views. Try keeping them engaged in the project so that they know what is happening in the organization and how their money is being put to use in its development. Ask for their inputs in making company related decisions and try involving them in the day to day proceedings of the organization. Arrange reward perks from them at regular intervals so that they remain satisfied with your concern and spread the good word among friends and family members. Once this happens, the number of supporters aka investors to your non-profit business venture would automatically grow.

Get the corporate community involved

The more individual supporters you have, the more chances you have of getting a corporate entity to support you. The higher the numbers, the larger the chances. And in case your business is driven by a social cause, you can expect to rope in a good number of corporate entities that are willing to donate to charitable causes. It all depends on how you manage to influence them with both the numbers you have and the way you have utilized the funds till now while contributing to the community in the process.

Extend your support for social and community related causes

There is a niche group of people in the world that strongly support social and community related causes. These individuals also tend to support nonprofit organizations that work for these causes, or at least contribute a little bit for the same. So getting your business involved in one of these causes can help you attract this group. There are tons of websites that are dedicated for organizations that donate to specific causes. Enlisting your business in these websites can help you attract individuals who wish to donate to a non-profit or charity based organization.


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