free willy 25

titanic reality 25

This is an amusing print advertisement campaign launched by Utopolis Group of cinemas in Belgium. The campaign tends to a take a funny takes on two posters of landmark Hollywood movies, Free Willy and Titanic. The advertisements are interestingly showing a bird hitting the woman who was posing on the lines of titanic and a dolphin has taken a person as a prey. The campaign probably indicates that since reality is not pleasurable always, movies constitutes a major part in relieving stress and keep people away from daily life tensions.

The presentation of the campaign is seriously strong and impressive, which conveys its message based on a remarkable concept of humor. The art direction and a fantastic re-touching have certainly helped to produce a visually compelling campaign. The punch line of the campaign reads, ‘Reality sucks’. The campaign was developed by Duval Guillaume, Antwerp, Belgium.

Via Ads of the World

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