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Let Colors Do the Talking: Using the Science of Colors for Marketing

Science of Colors for Marketing

In case you noticed, a lot of businesses depend on colors to represent their brands in unique and innovative ways. It goes without saying that colors can enhance the moods and actions of individuals. Hence, adopting a strategic marketing plan involving the use of the right colors is considered essential to reach the target audience as well as gain new customers.

For instance, take a look at some of the colors used for advertising and their influence on the end customer. Have a look at ways to use the science of colors in your marketing scheme as well.

  • Colors and their Influences

Here are some widely used colors in marketing campaigns and the ways in which they influence the mind.

Grey & White: These colors are associated with purity, calm, balance, cleanliness and safety, etc. Grey is also associated with solidarity, practicality and sophistication, etc.

Orange & Yellow: These colors stimulate cheerfulness and optimism. Yellow needs to be used carefully though for it is commonly used for signs of caution and can stimulate the feeling of anxiety in window shoppers.

Red: The color screams youthfulness and urgency. It is often associated with increased appetite and blood pressure levels as well. This is why red is often used in fast food companies.

Green: Green symbolizes peace, health and nature. It offers a calming environment and is often used in stores on the pretext of relaxing customers and making them stay longer, thus buying more goods in the process. Green is also a sign of eco-friendliness and caters to those individuals who prefer to buy products that do not harm the environment in any way.

Purple: Purple is used to denote imagination and wisdom. It is also associated with respect, quality and royalty, and so is often used by cosmetic brands.

Blue: Blue brings to the mind the feelings of dependability and strength. It also creates a feeling of reliability, peace, tranquility and productivity. Many companies use blue to stimulate the feeling of trust in their customers.

Black: Black is used to denote power, strength, stability, authority and luxury. It is the color that is often associated with car manufacturers and high end clothing brands.

  • Ways to create your marketing scheme using colors

Here are some ways in which you can market your brand name effectively with the use of colors.

  • Gender Based Colors

Although colors are gender neutral, studies have related to the use of certain colors by companies to attract opposite genders. For instance, the use of blue, green and purple is said to attract women more while the colors blue, green and black known to attract men more. It is also essential to note the colors hated by these genders too.

Accordingly, men are said to hate orange, purple and brown while women have been found to hate orange, brown and grey. By choosing the appropriate colors in your marketing scheme, you can then effectively reach the desired target audience in a more effective manner.

  • Easy Balance between Colors

There is a high probability that your website, blog, or social account will be centered on more than one color. If yes, then it is imperative that all these colors work in perfect harmony to complement each other and make the site look classy instead of looking drab, dull and rather loud. White is the safest bet for a background while the colors that come above it would need to have the right brightness and vibrancy to highlight specific parts of the website without straining the eyes.

  • Appropriate Font Color

It is important to choose an appropriate color for the font on your website or blog. Choosing a color that is easy to read while not clashing with the other colors of the page is imperative. In case, black is chosen as the text color, appropriate highlights in bright colors can be made to headings, subtexts and important points within the site. 

It is a known fact that colors can influence the mind in many ways. This is why it is considered essential to make use of the right colors in your marketing campaign so as to create a positive impact in the market and among the target audience.

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