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Understanding various approaches of online monitoring

Brand name is the main factor that can build a brand or can even spoil the brand as well as the company. Hence, it is very important to monitor that how your brand is being used online. You can monitor your brand in two ways and those are by the complaints of customers and employees or search the internet in order to see the misuse of the brand.

However, there are many other ways used by many companies in order to monitor their online brand. This also includes various approaches that help in online monitoring.

The what-where and how approach

When you are employing to a brand, you cannot ignore what is happening online. For this you have to consider the vast size and growth of Internet and the intelligence of those people who can harm your brand image. It should take place from all the levels of management in an organization. You need to gather required information in order to construct the plan of attack.

What to search

Before planning the attack, the first thing that you need is adequate and proper information about the issue. As a potential investigator, you have to investigate about the issues and problems. For this, you have to decide where to focus your online monitoring efforts. However, companies must use a good amount of commonsense to consider their brand and digital assets in the context of their business model.

Where to search

After the above step, you need to take next step that is to decide where to search. In order to target all your monitoring threats you should consider that each threat to a brand has a specific online environment and it can affect your branding in different ways. The internet is not only WWW it is much larger that this therefore, it is not easy task to search it on Internet. You need to target a specific location where you can find the threat and can take immediate steps to remove that.

How to search

You can easily find your partners and visible or known competitors but it is more challenging to find unauthorized offenders that are scattered throughout the cyberspace and are affecting your brand. You can take the help of some special services, which are especially for this purpose.

Apart from above approach, you can do online monitoring with the help of your stakeholders and customers. They can report you anytime in case they found any threat or problem during visiting your site.


Online monitoring is an important factor that can protect your brand from online threatening. Moreover, you can minimize the number of potential false positives in order to get the most out of your monitoring effort.


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