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Understanding the ways to become a published author

It’s every writer’s dream to be published, to see his or her name on the best seller lists. You may be a good author, but it takes more than great writing to become a published author. Dedication to your craft, discipline, the desire to learn and a pinch of luck, and a few other factors help publish your book.

 Here are some ways to become a published author: 

Write, write, write 

The more you write the better you will be at it, and have a great book to show to a publisher. It takes discipline and commitment to be a full time writer, and little works here and there that get published can help to pay the rent. Join a writing class if you think you need some help. 

Read a lot


Read a lot of classic writers as well as the bestselling authors and see what makes their book so popular. What do you like most about them, their plot or writing style or the interesting characters? Understanding this would let you write an unputdownable book too. 

Have a buddy group 

Get in touch with other writers or people who are trying to achieve a bigger goal. You can use their help to stay on target to finish your book, as you will be accountable to them. 

Do the required research 

You can go to the bookstore and look at books belonging to your genre, read a few of them, and try to understand the reason behind their success. 

What is different about your book 

Your book has to be unique, so that publishers find it ‘sellable’. The theme or concept of your book could be unique or else the presentation of a much-used idea has to be new. There has to be something outstanding about your book, which will let it compete in the big league. After your book is published, you can increase sales by associating with online sites, which sell books online. 

Build your audience


It’s important to build a platform of your ‘followers’ and admirers, which builds trust in editors and agents that you are a ‘star’ writer with an already established audience, who would be willing to buy your book, and that your number of ‘followers’ is constantly growing. This would help publishers to decide to put their considerable resources to launch you. You could use newsletters, blog, social media and work on building your target audience before and after your book is published. 

Network with fellow writers 

It’s good to keep in touch with published as well as aspiring writers, who might encourage and guide you and give you tips. They might also introduce you to publishers, editors and agents who might be interested in your book. You could attend writers’ retreats and conferences and get to know other writers. 

Get published 

Write a cover letter to the publisher of your choice, or hire an agent for your book. You then have to wait patiently till the publishers replies. If it’s good news, great, as you can see the results of your hard work in print! 

Apply for grants

 Enter writing contests so that you can win some money as well as get some fame. Try to look for grants, which can allow you to continue writing, by supporting you with funds. 

Self publish 

After you are sure that your book is perfect in every respect, such as proofing, editing, and content, you can self-publish. There are many publishing websites online, which allows new authors to publish their books. 

Be prepared for any kind of response, and if one publisher rejects it, send it to another one. Many bestselling authors had to face rejection before they were finally published. So be on track, keep writing and keep trying – you’ll get there one day. 

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