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Tracking the fruits that your marketing campaigns are bearing

In this highly competitive world every business owner needs to keep a close tab on their marketing techniques. If you do not keep an eye on the marketing metrics and continuously evaluate the results then you will not get to know whether a marketing plan is successful or not.

May it be digital marketing or content marketing, measuring the metrics and tracking the campaigns are always crucial. Even the best marketing strategy may have gaps and flaws. By measuring and tracking, the results can be employed to mend the gaps and remove the flaws. In the following paragraphs, you will get to know about easy and effective tips for tracking your marketing campaigns.

Track the growth of organic traffic


Due to intense competition, every marketer has to depend on paid promotional ad campaigns online. You probably pay Google and Facebook high sums of money for promoting your business pages and running advertisements on other websites. But apart from the crowd that these paid promotional campaigns are drawing you also need to track organic traffic.

You can do a lot of things on your own without spending a single dollar for online promotions. Writing and posting quality content on the blog of your business and others will help you draw a steady stream of organic traffic to your website and business page. The organic traffic finds out about your business through Google search results, which shows how well the SEO strategies are performing.

You must have clear goals


Measuring and tracking your business marketing results is only possible if you have particular goals. For example, you can have a goal of increasing the sales but without writing down the exact percentage of increase you will not be able to measure the success of marketing campaigns. Break your goals into segments and pieces for making them more achievable and measurable.

Track the engagement not the reach


In 2015, marketers and entrepreneurs need to shift their focus from measuring the total reach to engagement. Your business page in Facebook or Twitter may have above a thousand fans and followers but only hundred of them may like your posts and only ten to twenty may feel like sharing your content. This points at a gap between reach and engagement.

If you measure the engagement you will be able to understand how many are actually seeing your posts and reading them. People should be talking about your posts and get involved. Comments can also reveal what your fans are thinking about your products, brand and business. Use Facebook page insights to check the engagement level of your fans.

Build custom landing pages


A customized and simple landing page URL makes you look more professional and helps the buyers in remembering the web address. Make sure that the custom landing page URL is small so that more people can easily find your business. Do not create too many landing pages, as it will make tracking more difficult and create confusion. Another way to convince your inbound traffic contact you is to give your contact number on the customized landing page. This way they will not have to fill a contact form and go to any other page.

Always track multiple metrics


For checking the performance of your content marketing strategies, you should utilize metrics from multiple sources. Consumption metrics tracking is a common practice and it helps you in understanding how many people are reading your blog posts. Sharing metrics are also important for tracking content performance. Sales metrics will help you find out how many conversions have occurred. Track the time on site, page views, bounce rates, referrals, social sharing and return visits.

Tracking the metrics of your business is not an easy task. You should draw particular goals and check if the marketing strategies are helping to progress towards those goals. Always check multiple metrics for judging the performance of content marketing strategies.

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