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Top SEO tools to help manage your online reputation

Online reputation for your business may keep altering if you do not control it. You need to constantly shape and reform your reputation to leave a positive impact on your customers. On the Web, your reputation is maintained on all forums where you make your presence. Thus, you should keep all your posted content under checks, whether it is on social media, blogs, e-mails or your website. It is true that tracking so much content online is not possible manually. Therefore, you may use some online tools that can help you manage your business reputation in an effective manner. Check out some top SEO tools that can be of great help in reputation management.

Trackur: You should think from the perspective of your potential customers when planning to enhance your online reputation. Trackur is a tool that lets you see what your potential customers see when they try search for your business online. This search can be done on Google or any social media platform. This tool also allows you to find out whether people talking about your business are influential in the market or not. Take a trial of this tool for 10 days before you buy any plan.

Naymz: This is a free online tool that collects information from your customers through a questionnaire. Then, it calculates and sends you a RepScore based on the way people perceive your brand. It also considers your social influence, which is calculated by measuring certain indicators of social sharing. Thus, you may very well understand when you need to boost up your online reputation.

BrandsEye: Take a free two-week trial of this tool and receive data on various relevant aspects of online reputation management. The tool gives you options to do comparative analyses. Thus, multiple people in your office can simultaneously work on this tool.

Brandwatch: One of the most famous online tools for reputation management is Brandwatch. You can take a free demo of this tool that is best to work on social media management. If you wish to monitor certain keywords on your social sites, you may easily make use of Brandwatch.

Technorati: This free tool is wonderful for those who require tracking some basic details. You may track blog posts using Technorati. This tool lets you see who all are linking back to your blog. This information helps you assess the success of your posted content.

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