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The top notch strategic social media strategy of GE

Social media is a very effective tool; it helps in the growth of business. Most of the marketers have seen an increase in the traffic owing to the social networking. Strategic analysts comprehend an elusive social media strategy for the company. They understand that in today’s globalized world, it is the social media platforms that can help them scale newer heights. Social media has indeed become an indispensible part of any marketing strategy. It has become about digitalization of the digitalization of the concepts and attracting more of people. The brand that has made a name for itself in the field of social media marketing is GE – General Electricals.

They made it big:

Let us see what they right, which others did not. Referred to as the most exciting boring brand, this company has earned such a respectable name in the marketing portals, that today it stands as an example for most of the companies. They played all their strengths right. ‘Imagination At Work’ is a tag line that can never go unnoticed. This 130 plus year old company has become an inspiration for many.

  • They took a huge competitive edge by understanding the real business challenges and finding solutions to them.
  • GE as a brand understood the importance of humanizing their brand and created a positive image for the self. In this way they attracted the best of human talents, who willingly Joined GE.
  • GE also attracted many eyes by generating social media news buzz. They collected the best of news, content and information, all in one place, which turned to be a huge success for their online popularity.
  • They understood the need to integrate the virtual world to the real world.

The strategic social media strategy is a success story of all. GE’s one to one customer engagement policy worked wonder for them. They also subjected their policy towards community interest by following the norm of one-to-many on the contextual basis. They designed all their customer engagement tactics analyzing the demands, needs and values of the entire community.

Making Science fun:

General Electricals have made Science fun for all age groups. They have added creativity to innovation and technology and have divided their content into various categories. They make sure they keep their followers engaged through interesting information and actions.

Using Social Media Platforms:

GE used all social media platforms to make it big. Their team carefully planned all their posts, and mastered the skill to compliment it with beautiful designs. The main constitutes of their social team are a producer, a designer, a strategists, and a lawyer. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram all have been a part of the success digital story of GE.

Learning From GE:

GE has set an example for the world, which can be effectively followed if you envision being the best. The success saga of General Electricals can be studied as an effective case study to understand the protocols, which they followed during designing, formulating and implementing the entire Social Media Strategy.

Marketing right is about understanding your markets and your customers well. GE understood that there is nothing above your ultimate users and potential customers, and success lies in making them feel elated and satisfied. Thus, GE planned their Social Media Strategy on this foundation and earned all the glory of being the most popular of all brands online as well as other wise. The community-oriented approach made them go far and engaged more people to their media campaign.


General Electrical’s Social Media Campaign and strategy is a benchmark for all corporate organizations. They understood the community requirements and demands correctly and framed their strategies as per the values of the entire community.

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