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Top five useful websites for every entrepreneur

Whether you are a newbie or have expert hands, you need many informational resources when you start on with your own business. Internet usually overloads you with all kinds of information you may need. But, to ensure that you are only getting some good-quality stuff to go through, here are certain suggestions about the website resources that are a must-read for all entrepreneurs. Check these out and bookmark them if you like have great content for your use.

Inc. Magazine: It was founded in 1979 to focus on such growing American businesses that aimed to become a part of Inc. 5000, which is the fastest growing U.S. companies’ annual list. There are a variety of resources for the start-ups that all entrepreneurs can make use of. It is especially quite good for understanding the business basics and terminology. The magazine is a great resource for how-to’s and business dos and don’ts. Starting from finance and leadership, there are all types of resources that this online magazine offers to know about business growth.

The Economist: To get a global perspective of the world-level economy, it is great to refer to this resource that greatly highlights the political and socioeconomic aspects affecting the businesses at large. Though it may not impact your newly started business in the beginning, but it can give you a strong context of the global economy in which you are operating. The Economist’s ‘business and finances’ section is of high importance.

Forbes.com/entrepreneur: You will get less advice and more relevant information through this section of Forbes publication if you are a new business owner. This resource is simply superb to keep your updated of a wide range of business-related news.

Design Sponge/Biz ladies: This reputed design blog publishes profiles of effective business women or female entrepreneurs who share their challenges and unique experiences while running their own businesses. It’s from the horse’s mouth that you get some friendly advice. There is a weekly series of some great advice and instruction on various business topics, such as business promotion, wholesale business, early initiatives, getting your business funded, etc.

Under 30 CEO: If you are a young man or woman who wants to explore the business opportunity of their dreams, then this website is of good use to you as it offers wonderful advice for young entrepreneurs.



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