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Top Five tips for nonbelievers of Facebook advertising

Many marketers are skeptical about running an ad campaign on Facebook. They are unsure about the effectiveness of these ads, while in fact, they might not have done much experimentation with it. It sometimes happens that the advertising approaches Facebook recommends for them do not work. If you have also run an ineffective campaign as Facebook did not make it any easier for you, you surely need to try things on your own. See what works for you and not what works in general. Every business has its own advertising requirements. Therefore, you need to play around with several techniques to understand which ones offer positive results for your business. Check out some tips that may help you go ahead with this task.

Do Away with Facebook Ad Manager

If you are interested in running a serious ad campaign on Facebook, get away from the limited tracking tools like the Facebook Ad manager. Such tools might also misguide you and make your campaign ineffective. Some marketers recommend other tools, such as Qwaya and power editor. These tools are far better for ad management, especially on Facebook. You get wider options with these tools to help you promote your products on Facebook and to make the setup process faster. You would additionally be able to segment and track your ads in a smarter way.

Go for the Conversion Pixel

If you are not simply interested in tracking conversions but also in optimizing for them, check out the conversion pixel on Facebook. Via its power editor, Facebook offers a bid type called ‘oCPM for conversions.’ This works effectively for optimizing and triggering more conversions, especially when you use it for the clicks bid type.

Work on Segmentation

It is important to segment your targeted market according to your budget. For an effective ad campaign, you should segment your targets by country, gender or age group, but additional variables can also be used to segment them per your requirements. Track the effectiveness of segmentation through your ad campaign reports.

Use Mobile Advertising

A low-cost paid option that can be highly effective in driving page likes is mobile advertising on Facebook. As marketers would become more aware of this platform and app creators come to the scene too, the bids would be bound to go higher for mobile advertising. So now is a good time you may use this cost-effective option to its best.

Keep a Variation of URL, Video and Image Posts

You would generally observe that URLs drive traffic in a very good manner and thus lead to conversions. But for external website promotions and ad blindness prevention, keep doing an image variation on the landing page after every two or three ad campaigns. You may try a combination of videos, images and URLs to work out the best option for you.

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