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Tips that will increase the clicks on your banner ads

It was nearly 20 years ago when banner ads were first introduced to the world. Since then it has become synonymous with World Wide Web. Despite being one of the most important parts of the internet world, the click-through rate has gone down drastically. Starting from 78% in 1994 to almost 0.1, banner ads have clearly become outdated. This is mainly because of the uniqueness of these types of ads. The novelty factor played a vital role back then. In today’s times, banner ads have become so widespread that 92% of people surfing the web do not even notice them.

While the above stats do give us a clear picture of the current scenario, we believe that one simply should not ignore banner ads completely. Instead, one should spend quality time to ensure you get the best results. Here are a few tips that will help you to improve the response level.

  1. Think as a reader:


Whenever you design a banner ad, think from a reader’s perspective. Ask yourself, what type of information would entice them to click on the ad?

Regardless of you finding the ad appealing or not, the important thing over here is, are your consumers finding it valuable? Step into their shoes and think how they will react.

Consumers have become fussier than ever all because of too much information is flowing around them. To achieve an exceptional click-through rate and make your banner ads a big success, you need to start thinking as per the below pointers.

  • What exactly will intrigue them?
  • How relevant are your ads
  • What would grab their attention?
  1. Visual quality matters the most:


In today’s internet savvy world, visual appeal is the king. Images that you use in the banner ads have to be of the highest quality. Compromising is not an option. Think about the time when you saw a banner ad that used a low-resolution image. It makes it difficult to read and puts a big question mark on the credibility of the advertisers. Most of the time it gives an impression that probably they did not have enough cash to incorporate a high-resolution image. It is more like being able to get the banners in the sight of the users but missing the clicks just because it did not get the eyeballs that it should have because of the low-quality image.

  1. Make your banner stand out:


When it comes to advertising on the net, there has to be certain freshness, something that the users have not seen in the recent times. Going about with the age-old norms of how an ideal banner ad should look like is too mainstream.  Usage of big chunks of texts can help in grabbing user’s attention and explaining your product in detail.

  1. Avoid congesting your banners:  


Banner ads must be easy on the eyes. It should have colors that are properly amalgamated with the text making it effortless when it comes to reading.

Following are the pointers that should be considered while adding text to the banners.

  • Brand name has to be distinguishable
  • Text should be eye catchy
  • Text should be in a variety of colors
  • It should have proper call to action tab
  • Text has to be in a readable font size
  1. Proper placements:


Today’s consumer is well aware of the things that he is looking for and the resources that he needs to use in order to find it. It hardly takes 3 seconds to determine if the information displayed on the website is helpful or not. According to a recent study, 69% of people view the left side of the webpage while browsing. In addition, topmost section of the page demands the maximum attention. It is highly recommended that you place your banner ads either at the top of the given web page or to the left. This will increase the chances of people noticing your banner.

  1. Free giveaways:


Giving your product samples for free always works. Putting up offers on certain products by going as far as displaying the product price before and after the offer can help in improving the clicks on your banner ads.

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