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Tips on using Social Media to find your customers

You could socialize your business on various social media in hundreds of ways. In contrast, companies keep looking for ideas that can help them track their customers on social platforms. Even if you think your business clients are not present on social networks, they really exist there. It is all about finding them on such platforms. If that seems to be a big task, check out the following tips or tricks that may help you find your customers on social media networks.

Do the integration

Integrating various properties on the Internet is a quick and easy task to locate your customers on social sites. For example, you could add your social site links on your website pages and in your e-mail signature or newsletter. Create click buttons so people may like and follow your business pages on social media. You should also add sharing tools on your Web properties so customers can click and share your content. Your e-mail service providers also display reports on your contacts who add you back on social platforms. Thus, it is easy to track how many of your clients are also active on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Track through your e-mail contacts

Social media provide options to search for and connect to your e-mail contacts through convenient features. Therefore, you can know and invite your e-mail friends who are active on these platforms. This is a simple way to find your customers while being highly effective.

Ask your customers

This is perhaps the most obvious way to find your customers on social media. If you ask for names, addresses and e-mails of people contacting you or signing for your e-mail newsletter and shopping cart, it is also possible to add an additional data field for their social media information. It is one of the simplest but least utilized ways to find your clients on social sites.

Hire a social media research firm

You might not know but several firms play spies on social media networks. You may take their services by providing them a list of your e-mail contacts. Then, these researchers find out about your clients who have a social media presence and figure out ways to contact them on these platforms. They can also give you details on your customers’ interests and preferences so you may plan an appropriate marketing strategy for them.


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