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Thoughts on change in business due to digital media!

The improvements made in technology had led to easy accessing of information from mobile phones. The developments made in digital content are also one of the reasons behind accessing the information from mobile phones. Most of the youngsters are showing interest on the digital content these days due to easy and instant accessing of information. The Hindustan Unilever has also decided to adapt the changing requirements in order to withstand the competition. Harish Manwani has recently added the statement that, the companies will miss out the chance if they don’t address the young generation who usually access the media using social networking sites like face book, twitter etc.

Manwani thoughts:

Manwani who is the chief operating officer at HUL also said that, this is not an option but a necessity to withstand the competition. He had spoken with the students of Indian school of business about the changing business requirements. Besides, he had also shared his experiences in HUL with the students. This top executive said, the processing power of today’s smart phone is more powerful than the computers which put together at the NASA 4 decades ago.


Success mantra of HUL:

Being a top executive of the HUL he said that, it is very much necessary for a product to appear local in order to succeed. The unilever products are the best example for this local appeal. Though they offer global services their products still look very much local. Moreover, this is one of the reasons behind their success. The HUL always gives its main priority to what customers need.

With more than 1, 70,000 employees the HUL operate in more than 190 countries. You might get surprised but this group is serving more than two billion people via 400 brands. This is the reason why their products are much closer to customers. They always design a product on considering customers concerns and requirements, and in fact this is their simple success mantra. At the top of all trust is very much necessary to make a business sustainable according to him.

This chief executive said that the Asia is soon going to be one of the biggest business centers in the world. According to him 55% of the global business depends on developing markets. Asia is going to soon become the leader of business, said this executive. Thus the digital media is changing the phase of business and marketing in the world.

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