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Things to consider when your career isn’t fulfilling

For the world, it may look like you have a job and you are happy. But deep within, something tells you that this is not what you want from your life or your job. It is that phase in your life when something inside tells you that your career is just not fulfilling and you need to do something different to pep up yourself.

  1. Feeling stagnant

If you are getting a feeling of stagnation in your current position, then it is time to analyze the situation. Just check if the markets are bad or it is just you who is not getting promoted or being offered a role change in your current situation. If you are not being considered for a raise or a promotion, then start looking for a job change as it is time to move on but if it is just that markets are down then held on for sometime and wait for the tide to change.

  1. Time to upgrade

There is fair chance that your career has reached a dead end as you have not upgraded yourself. This can be like taking up an add on the degree or learning new software. Remember if you want to keep moving up the ladder in your career then you must never stop learning. The more you keep your skill sets upgraded the better for your career.

  1. Need for a change from the inside

It may be that there is nothing wrong with the current job it is just that you need a change. In such scenario develop your hobbies. Join your favorite art class in the evening where you can do what you enjoy once your through with your hectic day. This can be anything from singing or dancing to may be just hitting at the gym. It is also important that you meet up with friends and talk about your problems. At times just by speaking your heart out may resolve half of the issues.

  1. Know the difference between what you enjoy and what you are good at

It may be that you are good at MIS reports and power point presentations but that does not mean that you are enjoying it. To have that feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction from your career it is of utmost importance that you enjoy what you are doing. Remember the most idealistic situation would be having a career which you are good at and at the same time enjoy it to the fullest.

Everyone goes through this phase in their career when they feel that they are going know where. What is important here is that you analyze the situation and find a way to make your career more interesting.


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