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The Definitive Guide to Eliminating Procrastination in the Workplace

Eliminating Procrastination in the Workplace

Procrastination: the nemesis of industrious entrepreneurs and business owners everywhere. Not only is it difficult to conquer this bad habit in your own life, but it’s also extremely problematic to deal with in others. Indeed, when employees get distracted by their phones, non-essential conversations, or any number of things on the internet, your business is suffering for sure. Of course, you don’t want to come across as a task-master, but cutting down on procrastination in the workplace should be pretty high on your list of priorities. Fortunately, you can boost productivity around your workplace and get more work done than you’d ever imagined possible –– without upsetting the chemistry of your office. Here’s how:

Make Smart Hires

Invest in People FirstFirst and foremost, it’s critical that any ambitious business owner surrounds themselves with hard-working, dynamic team members. If you do this, it’s unlikely you’ll have to deal with a dysfunctional workplace at all. Additionally, it’s also important that you hire people who fit in with your company’s culture –– even if they’re not the most qualified or the most experienced. Remember, you can teach someone to learn a new program or software; you can’t teach someone to adopt a new personality.

Encourage Collaboration

We all have certain tasks that we dread. Whether it’s writing client reports or running the monthly accounts, particularly odious assignments can derail even the most focused employee. In order to combat this, you should encourage your team members to work together –– particularly during difficult or busy periods. Having another person to share a workload with won’t just provide a psychological boost –– it will also likely lead to a spike in productivity.

Spice Things Up

Eliminating Procrastination in the Workplace

Jobs that require repetitive work often lead to unmotivated and easily distracted employees. As a manager or business owner, it’s your responsibility then to keep them engaged in their work. Even if you consider rather simple methods like hot desking or allowing a team member to have greater autonomy in their work, your staff will likely appreciate the effort and reward you with solid production in return.

Be Available for Questions

One big reason why many employees procrastinate is that they feel intimidated by an assignment, or they don’t know where to begin with a project. Indeed, inexperienced team members might not be familiar with industry-specific terms, concepts, or technology. After all, few people would understand the intricate benefits a high-pressure homogenizer provides –– let alone a new staff writer charged with editing a report on one. As a business owner then, it’s on you to make sure your door is always open, and that you’re never too busy to answer an employee’s question. If you do that, you’ll surely cut down on anxiety –– and procrastination –– in your office.

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