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Tactics for B2B social channel advertising

In the modern world, the internet has become a real place and social media sites are legit places where you can “go” to find customers. B2B marketing or business to business marketing has come a long way and these days, social media has become a core ingredient of it. Here are a few ways in which you can use B2B social channel advertising to your advantage.

1. Use images

Images are way more powerful than text in delivering the exact message that you want. The trick with social media customers lies in capturing with images what appeals to their demographic. You can’t control where your ad would appear on a Facebook page. But you can improve ad performance by using an image with smooth and curved edges. You can place the the text on the right side of the ad and use the image on the left side. Include three or four key points and keep the ad simple.

2. Understand the value of Facebook

Facebook is the number one social media channel at the moment and it is expected to stay at the top for quite some time. But to grab your audience’s attention on this platform, you need to make sure your ad stand out on Facebook. To appear next to relevant searches you should ensure that your ad isn’t created like search engine advertising. Understanding the audience you want to reach would also be crucial as Facebook places its ads depending on “likes”, interests, employer, job titles and ZIP codes. Since people use Facebook for social reasons and not to be targeted by ads, you need to ensure that your ad doesn’t rain on their social parade.

3. Test your social media advertising

Testing ad campaigns on Facebook requires one to distinguish between the different efforts only by changing one ad variable in multiple campaigns. As compared to PPC and banner ads, the cost for these campaigns is relatively low and you have everything from ad targeting to design under a great level of control. To test on social media sites, the checklist of variables you need to have must include countries and geographic regions, time of day to run the ad, different images and different headlines.

4. Creating clickable YouTube content

With YouTube, there is more room for click fraud. YouTube doesn’t offer the same level of protection and administrative control as Twitter or Facebook. However, creating a video yourself and posting it to the YouTube can help you overcome this.


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