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Social Media Quick Start Guide for Small Business

So you’ve decided to have your small business go social but you really do not know enough about it to make an informed choice. If you only have a limited budget set out for it or would like to try out the free services before investing, you should go through the following quick start guide to get your small business on the social media map.

Begin with baby steps

If you are totally new to social networking, begin by setting up a personal page on a website that you have heard of. Tinker with it for a week to see if you can manage it on your own. Familiarize yourself with its free and paid marketing options. If a social media site doesn’t appeal to you personally, don’t force yourself to use it. Begin by creating a single profile on a single network and learn to manage that page instead of setting up profiles on every network out there.

Learn what kind of updates you need to make

For a small business, social media could provide a great way to advertize their wares while connecting to customers. However, instead of photographing your entire product line and posting 100 pictures on day one won’t get you anywhere. You will have to learn to time introduction of collections, new products, old favorites etc. along with info on how customers can get in touch with you, new offers etc. at the beginning when your small business’ social media page is a virtual baby.

Create a posting schedule

At the beginning, you might be tempted to spend hours every day checking your small business’ social media profile. Exciting as that may be, it isn’t healthy or sustainable in the long run. Instead, create a feasible, workable posting schedule for your social media page. Set reminders on your personal calendar or stick post-its around your computer screen to be aware of what social media update you need to make on a particular day of the week.

Provide customer service on social media

Social media wasn’t developed to bring companies closer to audiences. It was developed to bring the real world social experiences of people online. People, including paying customers, use social media to keep in touch with their friends and family first, then with their favorite celebrities, then with news they care about and then with brands they like. And that is a long way down a customer’s list of priorities. But, by providing prompt and efficient customer service through social media, you can actually build your reputation among customers, get Google’s web bots to notice you and even save on hiring a customer service person!


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