Social media advertising platform is an effective way to gain website traffic using social media as the medium. Marketing strategies have become so focused now that they do follow people wherever they spend more time. The popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, Pinterset etc. is reaching new heights by frequent increase in the subscriber numbers. Social media being easily accessible to all, the advertisements can easily reach to a number of people using the social networking sites. To use social media for advertising, content on the products and services needs to be created and updated on a regular basis. The updates should be post generic instead of brand updates as people are no longer carving for brand names. The frequency of these marketing updates should be more with multiple updates in a day.

The customer queries should be answered as soon as possible to impress the customers and gain their trust. Most of the marketing firms are using online promotions through social media by taking various initiatives such as contests, polls and so on. Social media has been an effective channel to create and share marketing related content. The types of content that can be shared are eBooks, blogs, newsletters, webinar, white papers, and so on.

You can attribute to social media promotion of your product by tagging the URL of your product or service so that the user is able to distinguish from which social networking site the tag comes from. You can also offer the customers with a survey form to identify which social media is most helpful for advertising so that you can concentrate more on the same and drive more traffic to your advertisements.

Search engine optimized content can prove beneficial as far as marketing content is concerned. SEO content provides you with the opportunity of better online visibility and more consumer queries come as a result. If you are planning to market your product online through social networking sites, plan tactfully so that your marketing content gets a maximum number of hits.

The likes and dislikes of the consumers can be tracked in Facebook and Twitter. It helps the advertiser improve in advertising tactics that would be able to woo the consumer. Knowing the requirements of the target audience also helps in advertising according to requirements of the consumers.

Consumer’s online brand related activities or COBRA is another way to promote products. In this method, many promotional documents, pictures, polls are published in the social networks and shared frequently to get maximum visibility. Electronic word of Mouth or eWOM is another effective way of social media marketing where electronic recommendations, reviews on the products, and appraisals are available easily for the consumers to go through and take decision on buying the product or not.

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