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How social media integration helps capitalize on marketing

Market through social media is now considered very important. This type of marketing should not be seen as some sort of standalone strategy. It can be easily integrated with the traditional form of marketing, and can become a multiplier that enhances the existing form of marketing and strategies. In fact, you should try to integrate social media with other form of marketing, and interlink all forms of social media to gain maximum benefit.

Integrate social media to email

Social media platforms integrate social media with emails. It has option to share email on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. The more eyeballs on your emails, the better chance you have of spreading your message. You must include social icons (displayed prominently) in your email campaigns. You can include a particular tweet in your email campaign, and encourage your audience to Re-tweet it.

For PR exercise use blogs

Many PR professionals are now harnessing the power of blogs to communicate with customers directly. It gives an organization a chance to share their side of story and get a quick feedback directly from their customers. But the trick is to do it discreetly, or else the readers will see right through it. Choose bloggers who can write interesting blogs, which are genuine and transparent thoughts. Company’s culture or stance can be shared in the blog.

Use social media for customer care

Social media gives you an opportunity to interact with your customers. Your customer care service is critical to your social media marketing effort. It has been found that customer wants to give feedback, and redressal of problems if any, through social media sites. With the help of social media tools, customer service can hear what the customers are saying and give timely response. There should be a special staff dedicated for this or else it might result in sludge of complaints, and negative image of the organization. Proactive engagement with customers will show that people behind your company are real and care.

Integrate social media into your live event

Traditional marketing events can get much support from social media. You can promote the event beforehand through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. with contests, chats, and reminders. During the event upload photos and videos, tag participants, and try to involve them. Those who cannot attend can get connected with the events by watching video streams.

Target journalists through social media

More and more journalists are relying on social media to source information. It is a good idea to engage with the media through Twitter. Make a list of journalists you want to engage with, using various tools. Build a relationship with these journalists by establishing mutual trust.

Social media doesn’t result into termination of traditional marketing methods. In fact, you can benefit greatly by synchronizing the two.

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