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Simple steps to monitor your partners

monitor your partners

Evaluating your partner sites is a vital component in understanding the overall online experience of your clients in association of your brand. In case you do not maintain an online presence, even then your customers are potentially will go online and exposed to your brand in some fashion. Many times customers have significant interaction with your partners, which will help your brand to build a better image.

Follow we have three main steps regarding addressing the potential for brand abuse in an online partner networks.


The first step of this is the prioritization of your efforts, which often depends on the level of resources you can dedicate for online monitoring. When a business maintains a website then the initial step is to examine the severe logs. For this, you have to consider following things.

  • It is better to prioritize your largest partners, as they are very important for a successful business. You should give higher priority to partners that have high profile brands because they have more incentives to engage in practices to leverage the worth of their brands at your expense.
  • It is also important to monitor that how conversion rates vary from different referral sources. You may experience fluctuations, which are worth investing and may uncover both violations and best practices.
  • You should pay attention to problem partners because if you have had any compliance issues with them then these partners are more likely to be repeat offenders.

Managing a Brand

After assessing the nature and the scope of any partner issue, it is better for you to manage the presence of your brand proactively on partner sites. This will lead to the reframing of your brand and will help you to create a good brand image in the online market. It is better to manage your brand and for this, you need to make various effective strategies regarding sales and marketing.

It is wise to develop an offensive strategy to prepare for future competitive assaults and can take the advantage of competitor lack of attention or weakness.


If you do not monitor and enforce the related guidelines, they cannot do better. A well-managed network of partners can serve as ambassadors of the brand and may be an effective way to extend the brand reach. This can be the only exposure that customers have to a brand; you may leverage them for discrete elements of the online experience of the customers.


Partners are the key to successful online business; therefore, it is important to pay them all the attention.

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