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Reverse-engineer the Career of Your Dreams

Reverse engineering is a term gaining current in our times. It simply means not to consider the career option in wholesome but breaking it up into bits and parts, analyzing them and then putting them back.

Career is not a science laboratory wherein you get at first and then experiment with the job you thus obtained. If you think that without interest in the job or honing in necessary skills for it, you will actually be able to inch up your way in your career, you might be wrong. Even if you though that you will remain satisfied with what you have, it will eventually over a period dawn in you a self-disdainful feeling of being a scum.

You will never be able to draw job satisfaction from what you are doing. So analyzing the nature of the job, and skills required in it can help you draw a comparative analysis between your needs, personality and skills on the one hand and needs of the job on the other hand. Some of the following tips will help you in making your choices.

List your likes and dislikes

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You at the outset have to be very honest and frank of what you like and what you do not. Do you like writing or doing technical works, are you a couch seated person or you are the one who loves to go out and experience adventure, are you a nature loving guy or a city type one, do you prize your independence more than anything else or can you work in a strictly coded work environment.

These basic questions you must answer to gauze your own personality in relation to the career you chose in your life. Based on the analysis, you might want to be a writer, a manager, a technocrat, an agriculturist or a businessperson, or even a social or community worker.

Think your reasons for the job


‘What exactly keeps you going’ on the job is a question that must interest you. If you find no answer to it, you might have a problem. On the contrary, if social security and money are the only considerations that keep you hooked onto the job, then this too is a pointer towards malice. You are simply wasting away your life if you stick to a job for no reason or not for any reason other than this.

Do not stick on to the job just because the others are there. You must chart out your own route. But it does not mean that you throw away your job in a jiffy and in the process land yourself nowhere. Jump out only with the necessary gear- an alternative vocational job or some financial security system to keep you going until the time you are able to get the job with which you are comfortable.

Sometimes a crash- course or a short training program is all that is needed to get going. Growth and satisfaction are key factors that determine if you should stay on a job or not. If either of the two makes you less satisfied, think of alternatives.

Look at the latest trends

Just remaining stereotype in a fossilized mould will not help you get through either. You have to live in the present and change for the future time developments. You have to take advantage of the current developments in the industry with an aim at the future, and mould your personality and skills in right manner to take advantage of this change.

Sometimes, despite being in the right place, we might lag behind just because you were not able to keep up with the times. This too reduces you to an unfit for the job. You can easily acquire some of the needed skills through a crash-course, attending seminars and classes. This will keep you up with latest trends and changes in the industry.

Start with a model

It so happens, that we are often confused even regarding our personality. We find it difficult to see through what we actually want. We also fear to tread into an unknown space. The only way out is to pick up a role model and analyze his life closely. The profile of his life might rid you of many of your fears and misconceptions and even open up your mind to new possibilities.

Laboring in an environment where you were you should not have been, is not good for a persona’s personality. Money and fame is not all that makes this world, nor is everyone born for it. A job that gives you satisfaction and joy of learning is in the ultimate that is good for you.

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