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Relationship between search engine rankings and online marketing campaigns

These days any online undertaking depends on a set of techniques that are widely-used in the business to make an internet marketing venture successful. Search engine rankings are a crucial part of any online endeavor and its importance should be considered in an online marketing plan. As with any other form of marketing, this segment too has its own rules and do’s and don’ts that need to be followed to avoid disasters.

Form a proper marketing plan

Before throwing your money at a website and a full time blogger/social media manager for your small business, you need to chart out a proper marketing plan. See how much budget you can spare on discounts, what products need to be highlighted and which ones can be included as combo deals to improve sales. You also need to determine at an early stage what means you need to employ to create recognition for your brand online.

Be consistent

Just like you cannot use the same billboard ad to keep sales up for years at an end, you cannot just create a website and forget to update it regularly. The virtual landscape keeps changing and your online marketing venture needs to keep changing with it to be successful or fruitful. You would need to update the functionality of your site to meet the technological changes that consumers have adapted and you would also need to keep tweaking the content of your website and blogs to stay abreast with currently trending topics to keep your search engine rankings high.

Offline endeavors need to parallel online initiatives

To meet business goals, online initiatives need to parallel offline endeavors. For example, if your business is offering walk-in discounts for customers that visit your store, you can offer a similar scheme for visitors to your website or e-store to boost sales.

How to improve search engine rankings

Search engine rankings can be improved in two basic ways- by luring customers to your website through an e-store or through blogs and content that build your brand. You can also combine both these method to keep your search engine rankings consistently high.


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