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Reasons Why Businesses are Loving aPaaS

aPaaS or application Platform as a Service is a technology is a cloud based technology allowing deployment and development of apps quickly and safely. With time, most companies would seek to move some part of their infrastructure onto the cloud, as the cloud is viewed as an affordable and secure tool for businesses. aPaaShas quickly found a customer base as aPaaS provides businesses with more control over app development. Check out the reasons why businesses are loving aPaaS:

Quicker delivery

application Platform as a Service

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Speed is of great importance these days when introducing products to get customers to respond and be engaged, thus forcing application developers to innovate new platforms that enable creation of new apps in a few days as opposed to a few months. aPaaS vendors provide innovative solutions with very little time required to install the software on systems, which means less downtime between purchase and use. Businesses are able to develop and use apps in just a few days after training, unlike earlier business process management suites. Apart from time, cost is also greatly reduced with aPaaS.

Ease of coding

With aPaaS, businesses can access low-code solutions to develop tools and apps, which otherwise may have cost a lot to hire front-end developers. This is another reason why aPaaS is becoming popular, as it does not require traditional IT coding. There are some aPaaS vendors who provide software that requires no coding at all, but still allows businesses to develop customized apps.

Through Android and kintone iOS mobile app containers, the apps can be securely and instantly deployed to internal teams. This is possible due to the visual development systems that allow both experienced and new developers create code while having total control over code and capabilities.

Citizen developer

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The low code platforms do not require much training or coding experience enabling users from all business divisions, to use aPaaS to create customized apps i.e. more employees can contribute to the development of apps. This also closes the gap between businesses which can afford a development team and those who want to digitize on a budget.

aPaaS has led to the creation of the Citizen Developer i.e. non-technical developers who can develop apps quickly and in real time, using aPaaS.  These non-technical developers could be managers or project leaders or other people in the organization who need quick solutions. Technology decisions would no longer be strictly the domain of the IT department.

Easy access

aPaaS software is easily accessible via the internet, allowing it to be accessed at any place and time by the user and best of all, available through a tool which is familiar to all internet users – the web browser. 

Systems continuity

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Another benefit of aPaaS is that businesses are able to develop, launch and run apps using the same software platform. This lets better insight into the apps and the upkeep and control of applications becomes much easier than using multiple platforms. There is no longer the inconvenience of pulling the same data because they are running on different systems. 


After years of working on the security aspect, the cloud computing industry is now quite secure. Features such as data at rest and in transit encryption, permissions and roles, monitoring systems, outage handling, and protection from operation errors via system partitioning, etc, aPaaS has made cloud development a safe option. Some aPaaS vendors offer periodic vulnerability assessments through a third party vendor.

Regular software updation

With aPaaS, you don’t have to take your server offline to be updated. The responsibility of updation is the aPaaS vendor’s so that you don’t have to spend any time on it. You can utilize the time saved in building your business.


aPaaS is built keeping in view a business’s need for scaling. The scaling could be overnight or happen gradually but the aPaaS platform is ready to scale at any time without you having to reconfigure your database. This results in you saving both money, time and manpower.

Before deploying aPaas, choose a vendor that provides tech support, security, disaster recovery, external service access and availability. With aPaaS, you can develop customized applications speedily and at a reasonable cost.

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