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How real time marketing could overthrow campaign based marketing

Real time marketing suggests providing an innovative and accurate approach to reach a specific group of customer at a specific time and specific place whereas in campaign based marketing a definitive set of activities are performed on a regular basis to reach the customers. Campaign based marketing always follows a predefined methodology and real time marketing requires presence of intelligence to be executed. In campaign-based marketing, the field is created to launch new and improved products or services using new methods and marketing channels. In present scenario, real time marketing has become more successful than copybook marketing as in real time marketing; there is always a healthy chance of interaction with the customer. It helps you achieve an impressive number of shares and a better access to the target market segment.

In today’s hurried life, people have almost ignored the traditional marketing or campaign based marketing. Marketing specialists are trying there innovation ideas to distribute their products in market with less distribution and campaigning cost. Continual support from marketing executives makes access to the desired product easy and hassle free. People are becoming more inclined towards real time marketing rather than wasting their time by following marketing campaigns. No one has enough time to go through all the campaigns and research on the utilities of the product or service before using it. Let us discuss few pointers that make real time marketing more efficient and result oriented than the campaign based marketing.

Social Media

Social media, nowadays, holds the key to success in marketing as a huge percentage of mass is using different forms of social media. If a product or service is advertised in a social media website, the product is sure to get enough attention. Real time marketing is required if a customer wants to get briefed about the desired product.

Innovative Marketing Concepts

Marketing has moved ages ahead and out of those traditional atmosphere and now touching innovative heights. No preplanning works or any predetermined offers helps. It is all about doing the right thing at right time based on the customer requirements. Marketing has now become a huge sphere where listening and acting towards perfection works.

Inauthentic Strategy

Marketing has now been freed from the authentic marketing strategy of offering stupid offers along with a product or an extended warranty period with a service offer. All those old school thoughts have been completely wiped out and replaced by new innovative thoughts, which are performed according to the demand of the customers.

Realistic strategy

Online platforms such as various social networking sites and e-commerce websites are providing many opportunities to the customers to make their queries answered by efficient marketing executives at their will.

Customer Requirements

Customer requirements are ever changing with the new versions of the product available in the market with enhanced features and efficiencies. Here, campaign based marketing would fail badly. If customers are able to avail real time marketing, then they believe it effective to go for the same as they can put forward their requirements and get their desired product or service.


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