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Product description – the ace you hold for marketing

Marketing is about alluring people to buy your product over the rest. In this modern world, where competition is so fierce, and you find a substitute at every end, you actually have to make extra efforts to bring yourself into notice. If you want to attract larger number of people towards your product, make sure you market it the right way. Effective marketing comes with attractive and unique product description. If you describe your product in a fashion that it appears to be the best and different from the rest then you certainly are a big player. In today’s scenario you need to be better than the best, thus product description plays a larger role.

Product description techniques that will help increase your sales manifolds are:

Prioritize on your prospective buyer and the market:

The product description should be such that readers should feel that it has been written personally for them. If would describe the product holistically, addressing no one, it will have no impact in the market. Product description should be direct and personal. You have to imagine the way your buyer thinks and then describe the product accordingly. A product description should be such that it generates a conversation on the online web portals.

Voice yourself:

Your product description defines your personality and style; make sure it’s a true reflection of the self. You should focus on your target customers, and you should convey to them exactly your own voice. You should know to whom are you addressing and the voice has to be toned accordingly. If you are writing the description for the moms then there language should have an added sense of responsibility, if you are writing for the teens it has to look cool and trendy. You voice yourself as per the market you are targeting.

Add lucrative benefits:

Customers read the product description with the hope that there will be something enticing for them in addition to the features and specifications. They search for something extra, so give them that extra bit. You need to consider the effectiveness of each feature, when writing a product description. It should all make sense to the customer. Little benefits that you may add can help you effectively boost your sales.

Go small – Go mobile:

Most of the traffic today comes from mobile devices. Today you have to go with the flow and for that, you need to be mobile friendly. Your product description is more likely to be read on a smaller screen than a bigger one. So, describe your product accordingly. The customer may be multi tasking on the phone, while he is reading your product description. Make it attractive to hold the interest of the reader.

List your features well:

Product description simply means flaunting your product in a way that one cannot resist the temptation to buy it. If you wish to write an enticing product description, you should have a thorough knowledge about the features that make the product, what it exactly is. You should be able to list all these features in a lucrative way, making the product appear to be the best of the lot.

Product description plays a very vital role for the sales figure. If the product description for an average product is done effectively, the sales will increase and even if your product is world class but not described as per its potentials, the sales will remain low. It all depends upon how effectively you market the product. Product description is the ace card of marketing; it can either make you or break you. Product description can be effective measure to boost sales, if crafted diligently.


Product description is an integral part of marketing that affects the sales tremendously. If product is described smartly and after understanding the market’s driving forces then the sales can increase by large number. It is all about skillful presentation.

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