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Primal marketing

Sensory marketing and marketing techniques that are based on human emotions have become popular among top marketers. Marketing is all about influencing the audience and making them take a particular action. If your marketing campaign does not pull emotional triggers then it will fall flat. No one will respond to it as you desire. Humans are more likely to take decisions based on their emotional capabilities than pure logic.

Appealing to a certain emotion and influencing the viewer or readers mind can help you generate the exact response you want. But sensory marketing is trickier than other types of marketing as it requires you to fully understand human mindset and wavelength. In the following tips for this new marketing fad have been discussed.

Utilize the emotional response

People base their decisions on emotions and you can benefit from this fact. Try to find out an emotional trigger that you can use through your content. If you can appeal to the emotional side of a person, they will be more ready to listen to you and follow your lead in matters.

Remember to give your target audience enough facts and data in favor of your products so that they can take a buying decision without any guilt. While buying something expensive, a buyer would like to know the benefits even though their emotions have already voted for your products.

You may use the guilt trigger


Non-profit organizations use the guilt trigger all the time and you too can use it for your business. When someone sees how well off they are in comparison to flood or war victims, they are more likely to donate and help. If you are selling health food then try to pull the guilt trigger on binge eating and emotional eating. The target audience will feel more interested in buying your product to get rid of the guilt.

More for less

Another psychological aspect that you can explore is promising more value for less payment. With so many competitors around you have to offer better value for attracting your target audience. If you can convince the target audience that your products are offering better value than the rest then they may feel more interested in buying them. For example many companies increase the size of product packages and offer 25% extra product for the same price. This increases the sales effectively.

People buy brand image

These days, everybody is more brand conscious and they do not like stepping out of their comfort zone for buying products from newer brands. For example, women are fond of the established cosmetics brand they use and seldom do they buy products from a new brand.

Building a brand image is necessary for taking your business to the next level of supremacy. In the beginning, it may seem tough to break down the barriers that people put up against your brand but persistence and high product quality will eventually pay out.

Generate trust

Build a brand image is directly linked with generating trust among your target audience. Tell them that you will not charge any extra fees and there are no hidden costs involved. Be frank and transparent. If you ever make a mistake, apologize and try to make amends for the mistakes. Giving out free samples can also help in generating trust, as the audience will be able to feel, see and experience your products. Good customer care services are also essential for encouraging the customer to place greater faith in your.

Emotional and sensory marketing have become popular among marketers. They enable the businessmen to connect with the emotions of potential customers and appeal to them on a more intimate level than sheer logic.

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