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Positive Vibe to Clear the Air

You might be in the middle of the month and in the middle of a week. You’ve spent most of your salary yet have half a month to run through with two whole working days before weekend. Whew! Here’s when you must call on your grit to see you through the next two days. That is because glum is not one of the expressions befitting of any work place. So even if you are down, make an effort to lighten up by wearing fair colours and a smile.

Make efforts to keep positivity around

Having positive energy is what you must in order to survive the stress for the day. Friendship, mutual cooperation, team spirit should show through your attitude and of those of your team mates. Negativities may arise in course of work. Bickering, disagreements, ego hassles limit team work. Make an effort to dissolve the coldness between two colleagues. Make a move to work out your personal differences. Let go of that ego. At the end of the day it all makes sense in the form of bonuses, incentives and other perks. Therefore, ask why not?

Put the negatives at bay

negativity in your life

When you sense cold war between cubicles, become a bridge. Take other colleagues along, sort out the differences amiably. Put the interest of your team first. Try your bit; things will fall in place eventually. It is important to clear the air of negativities as it retards development which is harmful not only for your organisation, but also your own career. So do it for your own sake. Build a work place where you can work in harmony.

Do not bow down to responsibilities

Do not shun responsibilities. Let not the thought bear you down. Look at it in a positive light. You’ve been given responsibilities because the management thinks you’re capable. If it is too much work, ask for extra hands. Offer to train fresh recruits, employ them, guide them and thereby distribute the work load. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Even the top management makes them. Every day is a learning experience even in the lives of business honchos.

Stop complaining, others are waiting

At some point you may feel that you have much to do. Reflect how you would feel if you were relieved of the entirety. Wouldn’t you feel benched? Now ask yourself, isn’t this way better than feeling like an extra. At least you feel needed here. Seek a way out, whining never helped anyone. Discuss your difficulties openly with your superior rather than sulking to yourself. He might suggest a way out.

Rest only after you finish

Nobody expects you to finish your tasks in one breath and it is not the right thing to do. However, long breaks are known to cut the inertia of work. Our body tends to relax much before it is supposed to – getting back into the momentum gets difficult. Therefore it is advisable to take only adequate breaks before returning to work. Take tea breaks. It will stimulate your mind and send some glucose to your brain.

Present your work with confidence

Last but not the least it is important for you to believe in the authenticity and accuracy of the job that you submit. If you yourself are not sure of your own work, chances are bleak that others might buy them. You have to be confident and convincing. Have the guts to justify your points. If you disagree, request your objections and their reasons to be documented.

While negativity breeds insecurity, prevalent optimism aggressively cuts through hurdles and helps build healthy work atmosphere. A positive approach at work not only gets work done but also ensures satisfaction, healthy competition and harmony among employees.

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