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Pop-up Offices could be Quite a Bargain for a Business

There is much to productivity than simply preparing reports, calculating balance sheet figures and attending calls. The startup culture calls for constant innovation and brainstorming. Claustrophobic cubicles and traditional office set up do not offer sufficient scope for original thinking.

To meet the changing corporate requirements, pop-up offices have become the new rage. Several companies are now hiring remote workers, setting up cloud offices and giving more freedom in terms of work space and hours to employees. This article will show you how to create pop up office spaces and why they are actually beneficial for your business.

Non-assigned Desks

Working in the same desk or cubicle day after day becomes a thing of stress. Instead assign a desk or space everyday on arrival and check in of the employees. So, they sit or stand at new desks. Businesses may invest in creating lounge like sitting areas with comfortable hand and laptop rests. Diverse sitting arrangements allow employees stretch their bodies and sit in positions they are more comfortable with. This spurs productivity and affords the opportunity for employees to work in small groups as required.

More Flexibility

Pop up offices offer an open space that can be scaled as required by the owners. The architects engaged in building pop up offices focus on reference points offered by clients to construct flexible work areas. Work areas can be extended or reduced in size to accommodate team members working on the same project and offer privacy to workers as needed.

Employees Choose Workplace

If innovation and originality are your criteria for a productive day then it is a good idea to let the employees choose their workplace. Some work best while traveling on train and others have a sweet spot at their favorite coffee joint. Ask employees to work from anywhere they please but also underline the importance of finishing tasks on time. Writers and innovators sometimes travel to a different nation altogether for getting their work finished and skills polished.

Freedom of Tools

In a claustrophobic office set up there is little chance for employees to use any other tool than the pragmatic laptop and mouse. A lot more can happen if entrepreneurs let them their tools for brainstorming. Taking photos, writing on notebooks with pen can help them in toying with ideas without restrains. They may find out more viable and fresh solutions for existing problems.

Cost-Effective Furniture

Pop up office creates the opportunity for experimenting with new styles of furniture. Versatile furniture with multi-functionality is great option for a flexible office space. Business owners can decorate their office in a more eco-friendly and cost effective manner by using reclaimed wood. The reclaimed wood benches with storage space go well with the pop up office culture providing plenty of space to sit and work together. 

Task Focused Décor


Pop up offices also stress on the importance of creating work zones based on tasks. The traditional offices spend huge sums for dividing office space into separate departments. Organizing the office according to specific tasks and keeping provisions open for collaboration between tasks can improve work flow. Of course such changes in décor will also reflect on performance of employees, team work and finally company revenues.

Break Hierarchy Barriers

A lot has been said regarding the importance of free flowing communication between corporate employees and rank holders. However, separate cabins and work zones create a gap between employees and employers. Pop up office set up will allow all levels of corporate workers collaborate without thinking of ranks and voice their opinions. If given chance employees will surely work on bettering their performance.

There are many benefits that businesses can reap from pop up office set up. Giving employees the freedom to choose their working area, work tools and arrangements inspires more creativity, conversations and productivity. Most importantly, pop up offices are cost effective choices ideal for startups and small businesses.

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