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Planned Parenthood Golden Gate: Safe is sexy

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (PPGG) has launched this humorous television advertisement to encouraging young adults to act responsibly if they are sexually active. The advertisement features a young couple which is being rescued from indulging in unprotected sex by divine intervention. The advertisement has chosen a perfect way to convey its message for safe sex. The organization is of the view that the ad can create a perfect starting place for a parent/teen conversation on responsible sexual decision-making.

Evidently the objective of the advertisement is to prompt people to act responsibly and use protection. Moreover, the treatment of the idea and its execution is perfect and flawless. Overall, the advertisement is humorous and effective however, it is a bit difficult to ascertain whether it is equally effective for the targeted group. The punch line of the advertisement is, ‘Safe is sexy’.

Via Duncan’s TV

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