Opinion and Views

The success and growth of any business is largely dependent on people’s opinion of it. Public perception of a company influences not just its reputation but also drives sales and profits. While an incorrect or bad opinion may not be deserved or even true, it is important that the company tries to rectify the bad press generated immediately because opinions have a reputation of being sticky and shape future interactions and public relations.


Why an individual or a large number of people view the company in a certain manner can depend upon a lot of reasons. It could be due to vindictive actions by a competitor or due to an ill-informed decision by an employee. In either case, remedial action should be sought as soon as possible to ensure that the opinion does not degrade any further in the eyes of the public. Similarly, a good opinion formed among the public about a business should not be taken for granted and needs constant reinforcement in a positive manner. Public relations and social media interactions influence public perception to a large extent and can make or break a business so it is crucial to invest in such media initiatives in an attractive manner.

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