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Nursing by the Numbers: Reasons why Nursing is a Career without limits



Those interested in becoming a nurse enjoy a large number of schooling options. You will discover the need for nurses and their educators have increased almost exponentially in recent years, for example there are 1,937 Accredited Nursing Schools in America all of whom are serving the ever growing need for Nurses. Between 2006 and 2015 there were over  1 million more nursing jobs created, 1 million! The best nursing schools in PA or any other state will prepare you for a variety of situations in which to work. As a profession that requires a person to take advantage of their mind, physical strength, and understanding on a daily basis, nursing offers a vocation that can be an exciting endeavor. 

•  Nurses save lives. Using their skills in a critical situation, listening and attending to their patients, and knowing just what to search for to assist in a diagnosis has led a myriad of nurses to save and better the lives of the patients with which they work.

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•  Flexible Work. Most of the medical profession do shift work, and nursing is very similar. There are more opportunities to secure a schedule that fits your life. If you want longer shifts creating more days off, a more traditional Monday to Friday schedule, or the ability to do a shift trade to get guaranteed days off, nursing can provide you with all these options within one career.

•  The world Traveller. Nurses have a number or options to work all around the world. Nurses can provide medical assistance in other countries or war zones. If you want travel but love your country, there is assured to be a job in any state that looks interesting to you.

•  The average person remains within the same career for only a few years. With the sizable variety of specialties within the nursing profession, it is easily possible to switch up your current position to one of the other nursing fields without having to change your career entirely.

•  Registered nurses earn an annual salary of at least $60,000, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. An income at this level makes nursing one of the leading occupational opportunities in the medical profession. Additionally, the hourly pay structure creates the chance to receive time-and-a-half pay rates for overtime hours worked.

Nursing is viewed as a skilled occupation. As a profession, nursing has an established set of standards and ideals to which every nurse must adhere. For this reason, nurses also enjoy support within practice to meet the goal of proficient, principled care. Not only do nurses enjoy the many perks noted. They also are in a position to experience a level of respect and worth in their work settings.

Getting on the right track with the right education

Those interested in becoming a nurse obviously must undertake comprehensive training to prepare for this important career. As a profession in demand, there are numerous colleges with excellent programs to choose from when aspiring to gain your nursing skills and knowledge.

You are most certainly ensured to find respectable nursing schools in every state. The best nursing schools in PA, for example, offer a multitude of formats in which to obtain the nursing education that best fits one’s situation. Online and accelerated programs allow a variety of people the opportunity to pursue efforts to a rewarding nursing career.

Nursing will change your life

Although saving the life of a family’s loved one appears incredibly exciting, each and every activity a nurse engages in is assisting an ill patient regains their health. The best parts of being a nurse are considerably more numerable than just the attractive financial incentive in addition to the other career-related professional advantages.

Nurses are privileged because they are in a position to comfort others, an aspect not afforded physicians at all or to any degree. It does not make any difference what type of distress their patient is experiencing; physiological, psychological, emotional or spiritual. Nurses share in people’s very private life moments.

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