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Nintendo confirms Wii U specs and release date, prices it above Xbox 360 and PS3

Nintendo announces the release date of Wii U specs and its price

Nintendo recently announced that it is going to launch it’s latest offering ‘Wii U’, in Japan in the first week of December. At $300 for the 8 GB beginner’s and $400 for the 32 GB premium version, Nintendo has priced both the models above Xbox 360 and Play Station III. The formal launch dates for America and the rest of the world has been withheld by the company, but industry circles speculate that a mid-December launch is expected.

Technical Details

Within a total RAM space of 2GB, 1GB has been specifically reserved for games. The beginner’s model has a solid-state drive of 8GB for primary storage, while the premium model ups the space to 32GB. The optic drive has been upgraded to support 25 GB worth of Blu-Ray disc space.

There is no official word on some of the most important hardware components of the device like G.P.U and CPU but reliable sources opine that the G.P.U is modeled probably on the R700 core visible in the Radeon HD 4000 series. Incorporating the G.P.U will enable the Wii U to feature high quality thousand eighty pixels of display graphics.

Reliable sources revealed that the custom made CPU made for the Wii U has been dubbed as the Espresso featuring improvised Broadway cores. Broadway is the brand name of the IBM powered CPU featured in Wii which predated Wii U. The Wii U is also rumored to be compatible with games featured in the Wii model; however there is no specific information on the enhancements and the clock-speed statistics.

The Wii U’s showpiece feature is embodied in the Game-pad, a regulator empowered with a 6.2 inch display in the middle resembling a tablet with keys. The Wii U shall be embedded with one Game-pad, but buyers would have to shell $170 extra to buy another.

Games hosted

An assortment of customized games like Super Mario Bros and Nintendo Land were featured in the official launch title of the Wii U. The Nintendo Land has been specially tipped to show case the newer model’s gaming prowess. There is no further information as to when first party games like Pikmin or Zeld will be launched or any info regarding the launch of the latest installments of third party games like Crysis or Call of Duty.

Additionally, Nintendo has also announced the launch of some exclusive games like the Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta. Activision also hosted some of its games on Wii U’s platform like Wipeout 3, Skylander Giants, James Bond 007 legends and Transformers. Rumor has it that more than 50 games will be hosted on the Wii U’s platform by March 2013.


There is nothing so spectacular about the hardware specifications of the new gaming device apart from the Game-pad. The Game-pad has been able to turn quite a few heads in the run-up to the launch of the Wii-U. For gaming addicts, Nintendo has also courted the launch of a new controlling device called Pro-Controller which looks similar to the Xbox 360.

Even in the department of inbuilt games, the Wii U fares averagely since apart from the Mario Bros and the popular Call of Duty, there isn’t much to look up to.

The success of the Wii U has been tipped to be a make or break situation for Nintendo since the launch of Wii six years back it has not been able to dish something spectacular or out of the world. If the Wii U flops, it could eventually fuel Nintendo’s departure from the hardware gaming industry completely.



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