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Negotiation techniques that are helpful for a business

Negotiation is a word practiced each day in almost all spheres of life. It has its mandate for business of course, for which it becomes essential. Negotiating is a skill that can actually make or break the firm. Poor negotiating skills can be the reason behind losing the customers where as good negotiating skills can help you join in more and potential clients. The key for being a good negotiator is to have the ability to handle all the situations under all circumstances and come what may. Effective negotiation skills and practices can be ingrained with continuous practice and understanding of the intricacies so involved with the art of negotiation.

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A core leader and a manager have the ability to convince people and thus have developed negotiation ability with utmost finesse and grace. Business negotiation deals with employment discussions, grievance handling, job description, contacts, and team building and so on. This art can be learned through effective learning as well as it is in born. The key to become a successful negotiator are:

Do your homework well

Before you, start blabbering about anything, be sure you have full-fledged knowledge of the same. Prepare yourself well on various grounds before entering the bargaining regime. Determine your goals. Have a thorough knowledge of areas of trade and alternatives related your goals, this will make you appear more confident. It is also of utmost importance to pre decide the tone of the negotiation.

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Effective listening

Negotiators should have the ability to listen effectively. This includes the art to read body language and verbal communication. The art to draw inferences that could be easily skipped by any other personnel during a discussion. To focus on the type of words used in order to understand the deep-seated emotion.

Strategic planning

It is very important to have strategy before you start negotiation on any grounds. Strategically plan the way you tend to proceed with the other party. Make a list of what will turn in your favor and work on enhancing your skill accordingly. Have a watchful eye for understanding the body movements, speech patterns and reactions better. Plan a strategy to move further keeping in view all these requisites.

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Use open-ended questions

Using open-ended questions will help you develop a better rapport with the other party. This will allow the party to give a detailed view of what they are feeling; this will indeed put you in a place where you can understand their needs and requirements better also negotiating accordingly.

Do not allow yourself to lose your cool

It is of paramount importance that you maintain your cool while negotiating. If you ever feel the negotiation is becoming argumentative, walk away, or change the course of the conversation. Mutually come to compromising situation that benefits both the ends.

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Emotional control

It is vital for the negotiator to keep a check on their emotions. One can be duly attached to the work he is negotiating upon, thus there is a possibility for him to just flow in the ocean of emotions. This has to avoid at all costs. A negotiator has to have an emotional balance. He cannot be overwhelmed nor can he be depressed about any kind of discussion in process.


Effective negotiators have a whole set of people attached to their back when the bargain on something for they understand that team impact will be able to generate better results. They understand that the team works better and can foster a collaborative bargain that will have far better results.

Interpersonal skills

An effective negotiator should have developed interpersonal skills in order to maintain good working relationships. Negotiators should be patient and calm so that they can easily manipulate others.


Businesses can do extremely well if they have good and effective negotiators intact. They key to being a successful negotiator is to have the ability to handle all situations effectively and under all circumstances that will have companies generate better results.


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