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Master card holders, get ready to enjoy the Beyonce music show!


Priceless campaign:


Cheryl Guerin is both the group head and vice president of the global digital and US marketing at MasterCard. In recent days she gave a seminar on how effectively the master card is building connections with both businesses and consumers. The priceless campaign which recently took place in Latin America showed how beneficial the master cards are! These priceless moments are now seen everywhere in the internet in the form of blog postings, photos and videos. Master card has become the center of consumers care today according to Guerin.




She also said that the today’s people always look for learning something new, but they don’t find any time to learn. She also emphasized that, today’s people are interested to discuss on any topic except about their finances. These priceless moments or campaigns will give us scope to discuss about our finances and the factors which helps in enhancing our finances. Guerin is also responsible for the US marketing programs, integrated brand strategy, media advertising, and promotions, invest strategy etc.

Beyonce music show:

Master has recently launched a campaign called ‘digital marketing campaign’. This campaign offers a chance to the cardholders to watch the Beyonce music star by sitting in the VIP area. Thus, the cardholders can now enjoy the music star on being a part of her UK tour. You can buy the tickets from the payments brand to watch this exclusive music star beyonce. Besides, Mrs Carter will show the tour dates at London, Manchester and Birmingham. The consumers can either buy the tickets from your payments brand by being a part of the priceless campaigns to avail some special packages.

The master card had recently introduced a 30min video on the offer. You can find more information on the priceless campaign you can visit or the face book brand page. These ads will also appear in all the social, print and digital channels. Shaun Springer is the head of brand at master card in Ireland and UK at present. She said that, this would be truly a great gift for the music fans from master card. She also added the statement that, this shows their commitment towards the cardholders. Beyonce have become a very popular brand ambassador these days. She also appeared in the ads for H&M, Pepsi, and O2.

It’s the time to party, enjoy the beyonce music show! This opportunity is like a dream come true for the fans of beyonce. So, don’t miss this chance!


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