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Marketing – the JD style

Marketing is the direct road to profits, and all are aiming for larger profits. To earn these larger shares of profit, it is important that the marketing be also done in the right way. Jack Daniel’s a brand that speaks for itself. The brand made them famous over others. Jack Daniel’s probably is not the best tasting whiskey, but it is surely a bestselling whiskey. What makes it so successful in the market needs to be understood. They must have done something right, to create such a magnificent brand image. The sales revenue for JD has been amongst the highest in the world and the biggest reason behind it, is that they marketed themselves in the world with such poise that it created an everlasting brand image.

From a Small town whiskey to a global brand:

Jack Daniel’s the brand is a story of Jack Daniel, who made a global impact. Distilling whiskey was a lifeline for jack Daniel. He was passionate about the whiskey he produced and always wanted it to represent something special. He was an astute leader and created a brand, that the world now knows. He gained a competitive edge over his competitors by filtering the Whiskey with charcoal. Being different was always a belief, which he truly lived, the evidence to this is that he used iron free cave spring water over his property. He had the access to finest of grains and he added his charm to it by filtering it through a 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal. He was so ingrained in his work and believed that it is important to produce whiskey that is consistent in its taste. To maintain this consistency he changed the charcoal used for filtering at regular intervals. His character was reflected by his words, one of his famous dialogue that encouraged his people to work well is, “Everyday we make it, we’ll make it the best we can.”

Jack Daniel passed on this legacy making whiskey to his nephew Lem Motlow in 1911. He further passed on this esteemed business to his children in 1947, who eventually sold the business to family controlled Brown-Forman firm, who expanded it globally. The global recognition came because they positioned their whiskey right in the market. They made their story their brand and maintained the heritage, letting the world know about the roots from where they started. Today the square bottle and Jack Daniel’s written in white, sings the lore of glory throughout the world.

Brilliant marketing:

It took extensive and unique marketing techniques to create a global image for the brand. The marketers in Jack Daniel’s realized they have to play their strengths well. They first understood that the story of the man itself has too much to influence so they sang this lore globally, which attracted people to opt for the brand.
The demand for the whiskey was far greater than the supply, and with constant advertisement, it rather became a matter of pride to own a Jack Daniel’s. This marketing strategy played well in creating a gigantic name for the brand on global fronts. The marketers also realize that it is important for the drinker to associate with the brand message. Message representing pop culture to free American spirit, these changing messages have also linked the drinkers closely to the brand. This makes JD win over others.

Learning from Jack Daniel’s

JD is the finest example that proves small brands can go global. The key to success is to live by the beliefs that have been ingrained in you and work towards providing the best you can from your customers. Marketing should be based on strengths so that people can have a strong connection with the brand.


Jack Daniel’s is a premium whisky brand and its story is as heavenly as its taste. From a small country brand to global best selling whiskey, they did all that was needed. Making the man a hero for the brand image and marketed it correctly.


Dr Prem Jagyasi and Team (C)

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