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Marketing biz right—Top tips for small business online marketing

Flourishing a small business needs your efforts, investment, time, patience and the right mode of marketing. You need to reach out to your customers in today’s competitive environment. Building the right strategy to market your product or service will give you the edge.

Strategies to promote small business online

  • Publish Good content on your Website

Publish Good content

The content on your website will decide whether the visitor would keep visiting it or not. Search engines now-a-days look for content on websites instead of just Meta tags. The likeliness of your site to come up in the top results also depends upon the content on it. You must provide relevant and informative content about your products or services on your website. Some experts regard your website as a successful one if the number of people visiting it is more.

Just ask yourself that why anybody would visit your website? Is your website worthy of visiting? Does it have good content, by which the reads will gain something? When was it that you added content to it? Take out some time to add useful content to your website often, at least a few hours a week. There is always space for adding useful content on the website, there is no saturation point.

  • Analyzing Statistics

Google Analytics

Things like what visitors are looking for, how long they are on the webpage, where do they come from and more information, will help you to decide about the content on your site. A free tool like Google Analytics will be very helpful for this study. There has to be parameters to judge your website and Google Analytics is just the tool you need. Improve your site to increase traffic and user interaction.

  • Blogging


Blogging will help you to convey a lot to your audience. Popular blogging platforms will have the option for the readers to comment. The comments would or wouldn’t be favoring the content, but will help generating more discussion. This will help you understand more about your products and services. Implementing suggestions can prove to be very fruitful.

  • Adding quality Images


Photographs add to the aesthetics of the website. In fact, this gives the appropriate impression to the viewer about the product or service you are referring to. Even a very expensive product like a diamond-studded necklace may not appeal to the viewer for the simple reason that it wasn’t photographed appropriately. Say yes to good quality images, if it is a product then preferably from different angles.

  • Posting Videos

Youtube New Design

Videos describing or depicting your products or services will enthrall the audience. Sites like YouTube, Metacafe etc. exist to promote your videos online. You can shoot videos yourself on a handy cam or a phone; alternately hire a film student to do it. Even photos can be combined to make a slide show and be shown on SlideShare.

  • Competitor Check

A lot of ideas can be generated by visiting your competitor’s website. Looking around for ideas and scope of improvement and then applying it to your website will make you one-step forward.

Apart from online marketing, your small business needs other methods of marketing also. You can start by connecting to people in networking events. Invite family, friends, your customers and their friends too for an event or a seminar. This way you can connect to people individually and build long business relationships.

With the penetration of the internet into a wide audience, it has become necessary to market your product or service online for the growth of your business. Adopting a good strategy to market online will give you an edge over the competition.

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