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How to market a personal brand

Similar to product branding, marketing a personal brand provides excellent value if done in a proper way. Planning your marketing strategy is quite important, as it can be sole dividing line between success and failure. In the following sections, we will look at some of the things you can do to promote your personal brand in the right manner and to the right audience.

Market Your Personal Brand

Share Yourself: If you are promoting your personal brand then the mindset has to change from promoting to sharing. As for example, you can say you are the best management guru but you will find it difficult to say it powerfully. Instead, you can say that you have the passion to help businesses grow with your help. If your message reflects that you share you knowledge with others then it becomes more credible.

The Elevator Pitch: Most of the time, you will get very short time to promote your brand. As most of us know, there are just fifteen to thirty seconds in ads available on TV to say something about your product or service; similarly, you have only 140 characters on Twitter to say something. Thus, you will have to learn how to market your brand in just a few words, which explains it well in a short time.

Engage Audience: To begin marketing or promoting your brand, the first thing you will have to do is clearly describe the audience you want to target. Your list should include everyone you are trying to influence and the message you want to convey should be unambiguous to them. For getting the best result, you will have to engage them as well as get their feedback about your brand.

Pick the Right Time: Let us first go through an example to know how it works. Suppose you are viewing a late night movie and feeling like eating something. Just at that moment, an ad pops up showing a juicy hamburger, just as you like it! Thus, what we find here is that timing is the most important thing in marketing any product, service or a brand. If you want to influence decisions then you need to know the right time to deliver your message. Get in touch with the target audience during feedback sessions and at year-end reviews to know their views and plan your brand promotions accordingly.

Repeating the Message: According to several research studies, a person remembers an ad message only after hearing it three or more times and if the message is less compelling then it takes even more time. Thus, while marketing our personal brand we need to be as clear as possible with your messages.

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