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Major marketing challenges your business must address in the current scenario

Your business might be facing many marketing challenges in the day-to-day life. Sometimes, it is a grave challenge to deal with certain situations that can nearly break your business if not successfully handled. In today’s heavily challenging marketing scenario, let us check out about some challenges that demand serious replies, if a business has to survive.

Insufficient time with marketing

It is a challenge for any marketing team to support sales and development teams at the same time. If your marketing unit is too busy with development and lacks time to support your sales, it is time to take action. The same challenge could occur when you have troubles with the planning of your next product’s launch while your marketing team is still busy supporting the previous launch. In such situations, make it a priority to support all ongoing requirements and allocate some headcount so your sales or product planning force can be supported at least to the minimal level.

Lack of qualified leads

Sometimes, you might find that there is a lack of qualified leads with your sales representatives and they are more involved in cold calling. To handle such kind of a challenge, there is a need to first analyze who your target prospects are. Then, you may identify important qualifying questions so pre-qualification could be transferred to the lower-level staff.

Longer time for deal closing

There is a need to set up and document your sales model if your deals are taking a long time to be wrapped up. Speed up the process of sales by tracking it through the stages you define in your sales model.

Defining product features

Many businesses face this challenge of deciding about the features of their next products. In these cases, your marketing team should collaborate well with your strategic business planning team. Check the prospective and current customers’ needs and accordingly focus on your product planning.

Organizing the marketing group

If your business is also facing the challenge of an unorganized marketing group, there is a need to look into this issue immediately. For various structures, you should consider trade-offs. Look at better options and see which ones fit well for your company.

Knowing about ROI

If your business is also facing the challenge of not receiving the most out of your investments in marketing, you need to address the challenge by conducting an annual marketing audit. There should be defined success metrics for each of your marketing programs.

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