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Location based marketing can help small businesses gain the competitive advantage

With targeted and precision-based coming to the forefront, businesses have access to less expensive and more buyer specific advertising. This form of advertising is highly geography oriented and the first step in reaching out to potential buyers, which further enables the businesses to chalk out more in-depth marketing strategies.

Location based marketing involves the a user’s mobile device geo-location to know his living and travel patterns and then devise advertising strategies that offer advertisements pertinent to the location of the potential customer. The idea is to draw the customer to the business location, instead of going out to him.

Advantages of the location based marketing

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The location based advertising is an enabling marketing strategy that makes use of the geographical locators like GPS to identify the location of the potential customer and provide advertisements suitable for the current location. Services like SMS and push and pull notification enable the seller to contact with the buyer.

This is a two-way channel. The customer too gets information on the nearest shopping destination and offers, which enables him to strike a smart convenient bargain. For example, a customer in Chicago will see advertisements that are specific to the city, or even a city block.

There are quite a few smart location based marketing application available for the smart phone users like Facebook owned and Facebook Places, Yelp and Foursquare. There are location specific advertisement that can appear through several marketing platforms.

How to make use of location based marketing strategy

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Start with listing your business on the location based marketing services as Facebook, Foursquare and Yelp. This is the first stage of linking with the potential customers. This enables advertisers to track the movement of the people and then send SMS and notifications to the target audience.

Businesses can send emails, SMS and other kinds of notification together with offers and deals to rope in customers. A major part of the strategy of course, is web based advertisements that utilize the location. The strategy enables the business to attract new customers; it also provides a deep insight into the buying pattern of a person.

Mobile marketing tools for small businesses


Location based marketing provides different marketing tools for the promotion of a business. Start with listings on services like Yelp and Facebook, but also make your presence known on Google and Bing maps. Keep your addresses, contact information accurate, and updated.

These tools are important medium to promote the businesses.

For example, Check-ins allows the customers to check-in to a store, eatery or a hotel through social media sites. This allows their online social circle to see the business, and provides greater exposure to the business. Businesses can incentivize the customers to check-in through these social media sites by offering discounts and coupon offers.

Online reviews are another tool that enable the promotion of a business. Customers can be seen as neutral critics and their reviews generally work quite well – in a way similar to word-of-mouth marketing. Of course, there are risks related to negative reviews, so it pays to be courteous and in solving grievances users may have.

With simple and easy use of technology, a business can make its presence felt in the market and draw customers to its location. Another advantage is targeted advertising and marketing.


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