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Lessons to learn from Etihad’s latest ad campaign

Going global may sound lucrative but it increases the responsibility of a brand manifold. An international brand has to appeal to people of different ethnicity and cultural backgrounds. It has to consider the local culture and language of consumers. Most global brands are using a ‘Glocal’ approach for their marketing and business promotions.

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They are creating marketing campaigns and advertisements that appeal to the global viewers. Etihad’s newly launched marketing campaign has been designed to appeal to its global clients. The Abu Dhabi based airlines company which started its operations way back in 2003, has featured Nicole Kidman in their latest commercial. Other global businesses can take a cue from them.

What is the Etihad ad campaign all about?

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Etihad’s newly launched ad campaign demonstrates the magnificence of their flagship Airbus A380 which can carry total 498 passengers. The specialty of this airbus is its Residence which consists of three luxurious rooms for the guests who book it. This special suit has a comfortable living room with two sitter couch, private mini bar and dining table.

The guests can repose and relax in the bedroom, which has a double bed, as comfortable as beds can get. Etihad has taken first class flying to a new level of excellence with this new suite. Apart from two resident guests, 70 business class and 418 economy class passengers will also be boarding the Airbus A380.

How the Etihad ad influences audience?

Target customer

The new tagline of Etihad’s Airbus A380 is ‘flying re-imagined’. This innovative tagline itself speaks volumes about the mission and vision of this airlines company. They are redefining luxury flying and they have chosen a well known brand ambassador to represent their brand. Nicole Kidman, the celebrated Hollywood actress, is by birth Australian but has got a global appeal. She represents the elegance and sophistication of the brand.

The ad shows how she is enjoying each moment on board. Along with the luxurious design of the interiors of Airbus A380, the ad also showcases how the fresh, gourmet food is made for guests. It features the intent care and thoughtfulness with which the scarves of the flight attendants have been designed. The splendor of Abu Dhabi has also been exhibited. All this is intended at appealing to the global audience who are seeking a pleasurable and luxurious journey by air.

Cues to pick up

 Etihad’s latest ad campaign (3)

The global brands have to get the best advertisement campaign makers on board, who can relate to their business and its purpose. Etihad has scored high in this matter. Its new ad campaign is not biased towards any particular ethnicity and only manifests the privileges that anyone flying with Etihad can enjoy.

An important tip this ad offers is showing a lot within a very short span of time. The advertisement must be compact yet full of impact. The way Nicole Kidman has been projected to be enjoying her journey and feeling at home will make anyone desire to fly with Etihad.

Global companies should always coin taglines which are easily understandable, relatable and attractive. The tagline of your campaign will be helpful in making it successful. Do thorough research regarding a country’s cultural background before launching your ad campaign. Always remember that what appeals to the Americans may not impress the French or British. This is the reason why Glocal marketing strategies are so much in vogue. Choose an ambassador who is well known to your consumers for getting more positive feedback.

Global brands have to be cautious while launching new ad campaigns. Etihad’s new ad campaign offers some handy tips for other players in the market.


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