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Importance of mobile technology in ad campaigns

The years so far have seen brands and marketers greatly increasing mobile advertising efforts. Some recent campaigns feature new techniques that focus on rich media, touch screen interactivity, tablets, social media and native advertising to engage modern customers more effectively.  

What is a Mobile Technology?

Mobile technology is any technology of mobility such technology as in cars industry, notebooks and cellular phones. Mobile technology is used in communications technology using unguided media transmission. It is enabled through device-specific hardware like GPS, the accelerometer, camera, microphone, the gyroscope and the natural gesture-based navigation. It is also the software, which includes calendar, maps, QR readers, photo filters, web access, e-commerce, weather and social media sharing. It is the most exciting, powerful and a fast medium for anyone looking to capture the attention of a customer audience.

Importance of Mobile ad Campaigns

  • The developing world has billions of mobile subscribers and this makes mobile devices the ideal way to reach billions of customers. If a company sells to a global audience, mobile advertising is becoming one of the most direct ways to do it.
  • It is flexible. Big brands are not only using interactive rich media smartphone ads; they are also using simpler, old fashioned and outdated mobile marketing tactics. It does not always have to be about ostentatious ads. It is often a matter of creating conversations and connections with clients, whether that communication starts with the consumer via text messages or starts with mobile phones in app advertising.
  • As with innovation and technology, the biggest reward often goes to the earliest adopter. If your company can get a grip in mobile advertising, market and learn the best ways to engage with your clients through mobile ads. You can use mobile advertising to get a competitive advantage. Although you do not need a big budget to achieve something in advertising, the rises of big brand mobile ad campaigns are likely to show us some exciting new possibilities for the mobile advertising medium.

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