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Importance and Need of Integrated Digital Marketing



“Techonomy” is the word that is used nowadays due to the widespread adoption of Internet, social and mobile technologies as it has shifted the power from the hands of the producer to the consumer. The consumers now are highly sophisticated and highly connected and know what exactly they want. To stay in the competitive market brands need an integrated digital marketing for consumer engagement and conversion.

According to a report in the year 2012 over 800 million smartphones and tablets will be sold. Maximum users access the internet through mobile phones so mobile – first marketing campaigns will become more widespread and rampant as the rush to mobile continues.

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Digital marketing can be defines as a part of marketing that uses integrated digital technologies to broadcast and publicize communication that is targeted and measurable with the goal of acquiring and building relationships with present and new customers.

The size and complexity of the digital marketing is growing rapidly which creates a demand for an integrated approach. Communication processes should be re worked and re designed. To meet the formidable challenges of the new techonomy; marketing orthodoxy should go through evolution and should be updated. The only way to respond and meet to the higher needs and expectation levels of the hyper connected consumer every business needs integrated digital marketing.

The idea is simple:  businesses can attract new prospects and stay connected with their present consumers is by providing and establishing a picture perfect online existence over web, social and mobile by transmission of applicable messaging promoted on email and social.


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Consumers nowadays look for content that informs, entertains and adds value to their daily life for which they require personalization and seamless online user experiences. To stay in the competitive market, every business should create meaningful and useful connections with the people who find value in their brand or in other words who matters the most.

For this a business should produce ample quantities of original and useful content which should be exceptional, personalized and relevant. It can be accessed through or from any platform or device and can potentially be viewed or consumed via social sharing. The audience should be engaged in real time through multiple channels by the business. Depending upon user feedback and data of analysis the business should constantly update and change the brand’s message which should aptly fit the ever changing demands of every segment of its targeted audience. In short it needs integrated digital marketing.

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