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Ignore these myths about marketing in social media

Nowadays marketing through social media has become very important. It has become an important tool in marketing strategy. Though social media marketing has become very popular, but there are certain myths about it floating around, which marketers should ignore as they are bad advices. If you follow bad advice and not use social media properly, it will result in waste of your money and time.

Your customers are not using social media

Many people think that if a person is interested in your services he will come to your office or shop. There is no need to use social media. However, it is now an established fact that most of the people are using social media nowadays, and they spend a lot of time on it in researching and talking about various brands. This means that you cannot ignore social media and it is better to educate your potential customer though this media.

You should use all social networks available

It is not necessary to have your presence on every social networking site, especially if you are short on resources and time. The better idea is to do your research and find out which sites will have your maximum customers. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are very popular sites and people from every walk of life are following these sites. So you might get a good customer base there. Do your analysis and then decide on the sites where you want to have your presence.

You should constantly post new comments

It is not important to keep on posting new comments every now and then. It might irritate your fans as your posts will dominate their feeds. It is better to limit yourself to one or two well thought out posts in a day. Update your page when there is an important message, instead of continuously writing irrelevant things.

Ignore negative comments

Social media is a two-way communication site. Everyone is free to write whatever he or she wants. Negative comments will also be visible to all. You should evaluate how to respond to a negative comment. If it is a genuine comment that points out some mistake on your part, it will be appreciated if you own the mistake and try to correct it. After all everyone makes mistake. Sometimes people are only looking to create trouble and unnecessary writing negative comments. It is better to ignore such comments.

Social media is free

Of course opening an account on social media sites is free, but do not forget the expenses, which you may have to incur in the form of human resource and the time and labor required building an effective presence on these sites.

Do not pay heed to social media myths Use social media effectively to your advantage and reap rich harvests.

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