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Ideas that go beyond marketing automation and lead scoring

The expansion of markets, changing demands of target audiences and huge amount of data generated online have made it almost mandatory for businesses to use some form of marketing automation software or tools.

Marketing automation offers a number of unexpected benefits that can help in driving traffic to business websites, generating new leads and nurturing them for successful sale. However, marketing automation and lead scoring both have their limitations. In the following you will find out ways for countering the limitations with ease.

Understanding the limitations of marketing automation

Marketing automation is done through advanced software which enables businesses to easily tackle tasks like management of contact database, customer nurturing, email marketing and other workflows. Apart from these tasks the MAPs or marketing automation platforms also offer a wide range of other features such as lead scoring, content management, email marketing and SEO management, tracking and reporting.

The various features of marketing automation lead business owners and marketers into thinking that no other tool is required. This is a misconception.

Generally, the landing page creation, testing and optimizing options offered by marketing automation platforms are limited. It would be advisable to take help of more specialized software for better and targeted landing page creation.

Marketing automation software identifies a traditional set of buyer characteristics and signals but fails to read signals that are unrelated to the products. This problem too can be solved with additional tools that supplements the data provided by MAPs.

Reasons why marketing automation and lead scoring are not enough

It is true that lead tracking software is great help to marketers but still not enough. The marketers must use the data offered by such software intelligently for finding out the difference between those who have converted into buyers and those who have not made any contact or converted.

Lead management software lets marketers understand how customers are interacting through the online platforms. It uses unique customer ID numbers and web tracking cookies for understanding the interactions of customers.

Using technology alone for understanding customer behavior cannot work for a long while. The marketers have to create strategies for evaluating changing customer behavior and demands. In many cases marketing software implementation requires more time and money than primary estimates.

The cultural friction that exists between the sales and marketing team also prevents the software-collected data from being properly used. In case of email marketing, the marketing automation software do help in creating personalized and relevant email messages but if the marketers do not monitor the process then ultimately the same customary and impersonal message gets sent to all the customers.

Tips for avoiding marketing automation mistakes

Keep in mind from the very beginning that marketing automation is not easy. Its implementation does not reduce your work but makes marketing more focused and goal oriented. Setting up marketing automation platform itself takes a lot of practical knowledge and experience. Defining a lead scoring strategy is essential for making the marketing automation a success.

Not using the full potential and capabilities of MAP is another grave mistake that marketers often make. Apart from email marketing automation can also take care of other tasks like lead management, social media, CRM, content marketing, contact washing and advanced multi-channel campaigns. The implementation of marketing automation has to be done across all the marketing teams or else the process will fail.

Marketing automation is not sufficient alone for lead generation or successful conversion. It will take proper monitoring and the support of a series of strategies for making a marketing automation platform work.


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