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How to use Social Media for marketing

Nowadays social media has become very popular as a marketing tool. Many forward thinking business companies have embraced social media for marketing their business, and it has worked very well for those who have done it correctly. Social media marketing involves internet marketing through various social media networks. You can share content, images, or videos at these sites, with the purpose of marketing your brand. Let us see step by step how you can effectively use social media for marketing your brand.

Make a plan

First, you have to consider as to what you want to achieve by using social media. What message do you want to convey to your target audience. Most importantly, who is your target audience? Make a plan as to how you will proceed to achieve your goal.

Know and get acquainted with your platform

Various social media sites have different environment. First, you will have to get acquainted with their styles and formats, and then device techniques so that you can take optimum advantage of these sites. Facebook and Google+ have a very casual environment, where users mostly chat with friends and relax. Make use of images, videos, and user-friendly simple postings to communicate. In Google+, you can create your own circles and make segments of various categories of fans.

This way you can share some specific information and offer some gifts, schemes etc. to your long time diehard fans, excluding other groups from these schemes. Twitter can be used to broadcast news, sales, and other updates. You should also answer questions posed by your fans and Re-tweet positive comments of your followers. Pinterest allows you to display the image of your products as well as awareness about these products. YouTube is a number one video content site, where you can show interesting videos highlighting your products and brands and educate customers. LinkedIn is a professional social media where you can communicate with likeminded professionals.

Pay attention to what others are doing

Keep an eye on other brands and learn from them. If you find that a particular social media trick is working for them, emulate it and do it better! Do not copy them, but try to bring something new either in terms of concept or implementation.

Create conversations

Social media isn’t about one way communication. Try to understand what people like and are looking for. Try to help your potential customer if you can, even if it does not have anything to do with your product. Any good deed will be highly appreciated and will generate goodwill. Try to start interesting conversation on the subjects related to your brand. Blogging also helps in spreading information. You can create links to outside articles, which you think will interest your fans, and are related to your business. You might get links for your sites as well in return.

Use helpful tools to manage social media

Many tools help you in managing social media free of cost. Take help of these tools. But remember these tools are not enough. You will need professionals to manage these medias effectively.

Using social media for marketing helps in generating interest in your brand, and helps you to know what consumers think and want from you.


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