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How to transform your website blog into a digital asset

To blog or not to blog? This is a question that many businesses struggle to recognise the value in terms of trading off credibility development against the activities that are currently driving revenue to your business. The fact is, a blog can become a powerful asset and can open up the opportunity to generate an income on its own, as well as facilitate leads and sales that will grow the revenue of your business. Whether you have a blog or not, you will learn how a blog can become an asset for your business.A digital marketing agency in Melbourne shares the following insights:

The information presented on your blog can speed up your sales process.

Every business owner wishes that they could generate easy sales. A blog can facilitate easier sales by qualifying and educating prospects that have shown an interest in your business’s product or service offering. A blog can be used as your business’s voice to showcase your expertise. When delivering content that people value, they will perceive the value of your business to be higher. When these prospects are ready to buy, they will come to you ready to proceed with the transaction since any barriers that were preventing them with going through with the sale have been removed.

A blog can deliver cheaper advertising exposure.

If you want to get your business in front of your desired customers, then a blog is a cost-effective way to deliver information about your product or service offering to your online market. Your blog’s content will create opportunities for your content to be shared with your prospects in their online communities. This can be achieved by sharing your posts in online forum and blog commentary discussions. Your content will also be indexed by Google, expanding the share of voice for your business’s website across a wide network of keywords, thus increasing the amount of impressions your business’s content will receive.

A blog can reinforce your credibility.

The expertise of the representatives in your business impacts the perceived value of the business as a brand and influences the motive with prospective customers that consider doing business with you. Developing the authorship of your staff will raise the expert profile of the business and also create an opportunity for exposure in other forms of media. By publishing valuable blog content, it will raise your credibility that will translate into your products pricing elasticity, meaning that you will be able to charge higher with less resistance to price sensitivities from your customers. Over the long term, this means you will generate higher profits.

A blog will help your website’s SEO performance.

A blog is a great way to generate traffic and natural links that will further improve your overall website’s SEO performance. The page content that you develop can generate natural links over time that will allow your website to rank higher on search engines across a wider range of keywords. A blog has a flexible design, so it can be presented in various content forms such as a web magazine or an information website. Additionally, the natural links that are acquired will generate traffic and will increase the brand impression with online prospects.

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A blog can facilitate discussion and feedback with your customers.

Traditionally, businesses would need to engage in focus groups or produce trial products or services to receive feedback. By having a blog, a business can engage directly with prospects and enthusiasts that can provide you valuable feedback that will allow your business to make improvements in areas that will improve customer satisfaction and raise the profile of your business’s offering.


Blogging for business can generate big business when it is executed well. It is still an area where many businesses haven’t ventured, so for those that take action now, they can reap the benefits of gaining a first-mover advantage. Boost the benefits of your business by implementing a blogging strategy today!


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