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How to market small business on shoestring budget

So you’re excited about your new small scale business but it hasn’t yet gone out among the people and you don’t have the thousands of dollars to launch your marketing campaign. If we were talking few years back things would have been difficult but thanks to technology and social media platform even small business can build up an audience at a shoestring budget. We look some of the ways with which we can get our product out there.

Get a website/blog

You can get a good website for less than $100 or a blog for free. This is a great platform to announce your business and get your website/blog address on your business card so that people can reach out to you on the web. Use social media and ask your friends to share your website/blog on the social networking sites.

Social Media

Build a Facebook or Twitter page about your product and promote it. Encourage people to like or share your content on social networking sites. Build a niche following and turn them into customers. Social media platform offers you a great tool to reach out to your potential customers for free.

Advertise smartly

If you advertise smartly you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for it. Identify your potential customers and target them based on their location, gender, profession and interests. Build an advertising campaign along these lines and target the right audience.

Sponsor a local event

Local events are a great way to create buzz about your product and reach out to people in your region. Participate and sponsor such events while talking to people directly about your new business. You can distribute your business cards and network.

Build networks

Businesses these days are interdependent and networking with other businesses can bring you more customers. Value people you know and build long term business relationships with them. Word-to-mouth marketing too can do wonders for your business.

Get attention

Nobody has time to go through a long article or listen to a speech. You have to make an impression on the minds of people while their attention is still on you. Create advertising campaigns that are different and catchy. Don’t do what everyone else is doing and this alone can bring new customers.

Reach out to media

Send out your press release to local media telling about your business. Don’t be too preachy or self-boasting though. Add a twist to your story or something else interesting that may seek their attention and help you get more audience.













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